Monthly Archives: September 2006

Rolling Stone Writer’s Lack of Vision

I thought writers were supposed to be self effacing , self critical and self loathing people with low self esteem. Why should the fucking writers at Rolling Stone dictate what’s good and what isn’t? Case and point or is it Case in point?I think the former. I digress, there is a band called Television on Radio that is absolute crap. They may be the worst thing since She Wants Revenge or even worse. They may be as bad as Matisyahu. Their new album would surely end the war in Iraq, quickly, if we blasted it WACO style.

Rolling Stone says it may be the best album of the year…OF THE FUCKING YEAR! It’s not even the best album of the day it came out. Meanwhile, Pete Yorn’s new album “Nightcrawler” (get it today) is given two stars and called mumbling boredom. While I admit that’s a great line it is not indicative of how truly good this fucking album is. I love it!!! I’m no fascist. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, but shit get a fucking clue. Weird shit doesn’t make it some kind of experimental brilliance (my line) it just makes it weird and in this case completely fucked.

Shame on Rolling Stone for being moronic. Wait I’m having a thought, my brain is twitching, maybe I’ll make an album of koala’s fucking and throw a drum beat behind it with a fucking tuba and call it oh I don’t know Koala’s Inc. I could make millions and win the undying adulation of every major magazine publisher out there.