Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Sun is Drowning In The Flood

I’ve received quite a few emails this week regarding my not putting up a New Music Tuesday post. My response to that has been there’s really nothing great that came out this week & the inevitable response has been, Weezer came out with the “Red Album” this week. I’m gonna break it to you slowly & softly, Weezer is no longer relevant or good & they haven’t been since the Blue Album. They suffer from what I refer to as the “Orson Welles syndrome”. Basically, that means peaking too early & trying to justify that success for the rest of your career.

The Blue Album is rife with solid hits & brilliant compositions. Buddy Holly, Undone (The Sweater Song), Surf Wax America, Say it Ain’t So & that’s just off the top of my head. The sophomore album, Pinkerton, was a huge piece of garbage or refuse as the Brits call it. Then came the “Green Album” which the title in & of itself shows a lack of creativity from a band that is supposed to have a genius at the helm. Rivers Cuomo is undeniably talented, but it’s what he chooses to do with that talent that is so disheartening. He has turned a band, with such an abundance of potential, into a farcical sideshow act.

The latest effort, yet another self titled album, hereby referred to as the “Red Album” is repugnant in it’s display of what is undoubtedly supposed to be kitschy hooks and lyrics such as the single ,”Pork and Beans”. I am not saying music has to be all seriousness & there has always been some element of Weezer that was on the goofy side, but it’s to the point that Weezer is now included in that list of bands that could have been great along with Third Eye Blind, Oasis & Stone Temple Pilots. The thing these bands have in common was the lack of vision to see beyond their own greatness to see how they could have been better. They lost the hunger that propelled them to stardom in the first place.

It is a pure tragedy to see the depths to which Weezer has fallen. I dare you to go into any bar find, “Say it Ain’t So” on a jukebox & see if half the bar doesn’t sing along with you. It’s anthemic in it’s simplicity and resonance. Foo Fighters are funny, but in an endearing way & yet they still put out remarkably relevant & brilliant music. Nothing Weezer has done since could ever compare to that first album and that is quite daunting I admit, but to completely give up and put out something that is completely ridiculous as their latest effort is a waste of time and it may be time for Weezer to call it quits.