Just bought & listened to Ryan Adams & The Cardinals new album, “Cardinology“. It is an album that is beautiful in it’s simplicity. It isn’t strikingly relevant or an album that will stand out as something that will make a huge impact like some of their other albums but what it does do is provide excellent background music. It makes the time pass faster, it creates an aura of steady beauty that doesn’t offend the senses in the least. It’s gentle piano on tracks like “Stop” really make this an easy album to enjoy.

The lyrics aren’t complex, the melodies aren’t either, but it’s better than anything Jack Johnson could ever put out. Easy Tiger was a much better album as far as I’m concerned but I have no real complaints with Cardinology. Ryan Adams does this often, though. He has filler albums. He’s such a prolific writer that he’ll put out a huge studio release(Gold, Easy Tiger, Heartbreaker) then throw out some stuff that isn’t his best (Follow the Lights, Love is Hell, Demolition) but keeps the fans occupied while he keeps the great stuff for the next release. It’s actually quite brilliant. At least we’ll never get tired of him as he is constantly reinventing himself. Listen to the album yourself.

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