It’s Always Warm Inside My Home But It’s Handle Is Always So Cold

Was watching the NBC show, “Life” this morning (thank you DVR) from inside the abode, the “Matt Cave” if you will & heard this song by a group even I had as of yet had not heard of, Honey Honey. With lead vocals by Suzanne Santo & guitar by Ben Jaffe this band is sure to be a mainstay for years. The mixing of Latin guitar rhythms with zydeco stylings to go along with that Billie Holiday essence Santo eminates but with an effervescent sexiness that makes even the most ardent homosexual turned on a bit.

Signed to Kiefer Sutherland’s, Iron Works Music Label, Honey Honey’s debut album, First Rodeo, was released Novemeber 4th & their video for “Little Toy Gun” (directed and staring Kiefer Sutherland) has already been number one on itunes. They don’t have too many shows coming up, one in Modesto (hell’s waiting room), but rest assured they will be touring soon enough to showcase all that talent.

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