Happy 74th Birthday to the King


It’s long been rumored that I am the illegitimate son of Elvis. Rumored by me mostly, but still it’s out there. I have always been a huge fan of Elvis’, his music more than his movies, but King Creole and Jailhouse Rock are excellent. While Bill Haley and The Comets and others may have started Rock n’ Roll, Elvis took to places no one ever expected it to go. While he may have not been the best singer in the world he came along at the right time being a white man with a black man’s voice.

Whether he was singing Gospel music, country/western, Rock-a-billy or anything else for that matter, Elvis had so much on stage charisma that to this day no one has ever come close to perfecting that swivel hip that made the girl’s swoon. I found this concert recently that really personifies everything Elvis was about. It’s called, It’s Midnight & while it’s one of his later concerts it’s still great.

At times, during the concert, he plays with the crowd, giving them the show they paid to see. He was the ultimate showman. He is not merely a singer, but a performer in the true sense of the word. Case in point listen to, “Fever”. Happy 74th birthday, King, I’m sure you’re reading this somewhere in hiding. Here’s a hunka hunka great gift to you, Elvis fans.


Mp3 – Elvis PresleySee See Rider

I Got A Woman/Amen

Love Me

If You Love Me (Let Me Know)

It’s Midnight

Big Boss Man

Love Me Tender

All Shook Up

The Wonder of You

I’m Leavin’

Softly As I Leave You

Spanish Eyes

Hound Dog

You Gave Me a Mountain

Polk Salad Annie

Introductions By Elvis

If You Talk In Your Sleep

Why Me Lord

Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel

How Great Thou Art

Let Me Be There

Elvis Introduces His Father

Early Morning Rain

Hawaiian Wedding Song

Can’t Help Falling in Love


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