Ryan Adams Quitting Cardinals

Say it ain’t so Ryan! According to Ryan Adams he is splitting from his backing group the Cardinals & taking a hiatus from recording. Though, according to Rolling Stone he does already have a new album (Dear Impossible) in the pipeline. He cryptically talks about losing someone he loved, vague references to people yelling at him & just stating that it isn’t his dream anymore. That’s commendable, if you ask me.

I understand completely the feeling that even though you’re good at something, if it’s not what you love then stop. I had the same problem with Parcheesi, I was once ranked #1 in the world at the game, but gave it up to follow my true passion, scrapbooking. Nothing like a good scrapbook to remember when I was a great Parcheesi player. You’ll miss it, Ryan. You’ll miss it.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Adams Quitting Cardinals

  1. mchen

    Sad sad indeed — but yes, I suspect he’ll knock us off our feet when (and I say ‘when’, not ‘if’!) he comes back.

    Are you serious about the Parcheesi ranking??? Maybe Ryan would be game to play during his hiatus…

    1. Matty D Post author

      OH for sure he’ll be back. That’s not even a question. This is a guy who adores performing. I think he suffers from artist A.D.D. where he needs to shake it up every few years. He did it with Whiskeytown, when he was solo & now. He’ll latch on to another band or do his own thing again. The Parcheesi thing was a ruse for my true love of badminton.


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