Ladies & Gentleman…The Absolute!

I like to avoid grand hyperbole when it comes to bands cause inevitably there is someone who is let down & in turn blames me for my grandiose recommendation. That being said I went to a party the other night to celebrate my friend Marta’s late 20s birthday (not really sure which one) & there was a band that literally (figuratively) knocked my socks off. They were amazing!

What is the name of this amazing band? The Absolute. Consisting of lead singer Phil Ross, the love child of Jack White & Joe Cocker, lead guitar player Adam Keller, who absolutely annihilated that Gibson he used, bassist Winthrop Ellsworth, who with a name like that should be president of Oxford & not in a rock band & of course the bandanna wearing drum stick destroying Anthony Geronimo on the skins.

I nearly genuflected when they left the stage in reverence to the brilliance that came from that performance. The songs are filled with angst, beauty, longing & the desperation of Ross’ pleas. The stage presence is like a band that’s been doing this for years. There is no weak link in the band whatsoever. Even the Beatles had Ringo, no such folly in the Absolute. Outwardly, they seem to be a supremely tight knit group that are so in sync that they can just feel when the other is going to improvise.

Assuming that closeness endures & egos don’t bring about self-destruction this is a band that will be enormous in the years to come. The Absolute is my pic to click for 2009. Here’s a couple songs so you can see for yourself from their self titled EP.


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