Jason Mraz is Bad at Music

Recently, I’ve seen a proliferation of what is some of the worst kind of music. I guess it could be classified as R & B Rock. Personally, I call it awful, shite, garbage, etc. The poster boy for Awful Rock is Jason Mraz. I love R & B, love many forms of Rock, but I do not like douche bags in Gilligan bucket hats pretending they’re Justin fucking Timberlake, but with a guitar. I know girls love his sensitive style & retarded warbles that invoke images of Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey.

If that is what you’re going for Jason Mraz then kudos you are a caricature of a female recording artist. While you’re at it RuPaul called & wants to do a duet with you. Jason Mraz is like that douche bag in college that goes out to the quad & plays guitar just so girls with low self esteem will think he’s artistic. It’s time to stop this nonsense. It’s bad enough that Dave Matthews & Jack Johnson are running around making music still. Granted, on occasion, while under the influence of a certain narcotic, I do enjoy Jack, is it too much to ask that Jason Mraz just take the money he’s made go make High School Musical 27 & just not make anymore music?

I suppose it is, because while young girls are too stupid to realize that bad music actually kills baby seals. Older young women do realize this and just continue to be stubbornly swayed by unable to grow facial hair stubble & his Frank Sinatra-wanna-be-Fedoras. I like Fedoras & I do not want to see them ruined by the likes of Jason Mraz who wears them at events like the Grammy’s just to get laid.

It is now the time to act loyal reader(s). Please help me in not buying anything the aforementioned douche bag puts out. I don’t care if he did cover Kermit the Frog’s, “Rainbow Connection” (just another ploy to steal the chastity of girls who would normally allow almost fat guys to take it after a few beers). Once you start delving into sacred songs like “Rainbow Connection” you sure as shit better know what you’re doing & Mr. Mraz you do not. So this is my cease & desist letter to you. Thank you.

Kermit the FrogRainbow Connection


78 thoughts on “Jason Mraz is Bad at Music

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    1. Zac

      I disagree with the nylon string comment. Classical guitar should not be a reason to hate this muscial asshole.

      Many good musoians can use the ethnic sounding nylon string guitar correctly….

      having said this…. This douchebag, should stop messing with music. I get it, you want people to believe you are spiritual and all that gay shit. But honestly stop trying so hard. it is annoying.

    1. Matty D Post author

      These are the types of fans Jason Mraz gets. Childish pricks with no ear for music. I stand by my statement that Jason Mraz sucks. I’d rather listen to Roseanne butcher the National Anthem then disrobe and force herself on me than listen to Jason Mraz sing.

      1. RJ

        Have you ever gone to one of his concerts and actually listened to him sing?, if not your a judgmental prick with no right to comment.

      2. Unknown

        dude… wht wrong with you… not like u sing better them jason mraz… go get a life… stop hating people… i bet u will go to hell someday… did ur god told u to hate people…

          1. Bill Thron

            Its funny, I don’t understand it, but I actually hate Jason Mraz so much. I searched “why do I hate Jason Mraz” and this is what came up…. this is why I hate him:

            If you are gonna be a white person singing about white person first world problems, then sing metal, or classic folk, or something like that…. or just don’t sing about sensitive first world problems… be real and authentic instead… don’t go steal other oppressed cultures music and sing about first world problems… like white rappers from good upbringing… its all just stupid and offensive. If I want to listen to surf folk, I’d rather listen to Israel IZ, someone authentic and real.

  2. Andy

    And why do people always bring up the “you’re just jealous of him!” line? If I wanted to bash someone because of jealousy, it would sure as hell be someone worthy of it. Let’s see, I wish I could play guitar as well as Jimi Hendrix or Brian Setzer, but I don’t hate them because of it. Just the opposite in fact; I’m a fan! Hating them while longing to play with that kind of skill, and really would love to play like that, never even crosses my mind. I can’t relate to it, and the fact that so many of Mraz’s fans CAN apparently relate to it (it’s pretty much the first thing that comes out of their mouths to defend his crappy music) is pretty telling if you ask me. Like what a nine year old would think.

    1. Matty D Post author

      I completely agree with you. I never understood that. What exactly am I supposed to be jealous of? Here’s how I know his music is bad, my mom likes it. I love my mother to death, she’s an amazing woman who is a fantastic photographer with a great eye for things that I can’t see, but an awful ear for music. Anything I learned about music came 100% from my father. Otherwise, I’d be listening to Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart (post Faces), Billy Joel (circa “River of Dreams”) & anything on country radio today. My mom thinks The Beach Boys Pet Sounds is noise. I digress, I respect that people like Jason Mraz, I just don’t get it. Just like I don’t get why people like Dave Matthews or She Wants Revenge or the collected works of Engelbert Humperdink. I am at a loss for words when I hear Jason Mraz & think that people actually enjoy this kind of music without reservation. It’s like being a fan of Dharma & Greg. I’m not jealous of Dharma & Greg, I’m just pissed that it was on for 5 fucking years.

      1. Andy

        I know. Just go to youtube and check out the number of people fawning over him. A dude in a Gilligan hat strumming chords (barely) on a crappy nylon string guitar, and singing a song from Sesame Street. It was like I was watching video of some Raffi guy at an 8 year old kid’s birthday party. But it wasn’t, it was a real concert.

        I don’t get it either. I feel like I’ve unknowingly stepped into the Bizarro Dimension; the one where Mraz has loads of fans and is actually considered to be a talented musician.

        1. Matty D Post author

          The fucking Songwriter’s Hall of Fame gave him an award last week. SONGWRITER’S!!! That’s like giving Jack Johnson an award for singing two songs that don’t sound alike. Mainstream music is going to shit.

          1. Andy

            Not surprised. Just about anything with “Hall of Fame” attached to it is all but meaningless these days. Look at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Why in the hell would anyone induct performers like Madonna or Run-D.M.C. into it? Isn’t rock supposed to be it’s own genre of music? That makes about as much sense as putting Freddy Mercury into Opera Hall of Fame. It’s a joke.

            And yeah, mainstream music has been at level shit for some time now. I would bet that in itself is a big part of why dorks like Mraz become so popular now. The average idiot is used to one shit song after another on MTV or top 40 radio station; most aren’t creative or smart enough to go out and find some real music. The bar has been lowered to the point of reaching negative values. It would be like growing up and having the Special Olympics as the ONLY sporting event you’ve ever watched. You’d think that they were REAL athletes. You’d know nothing of professional athletes or how much better they are… and that about sums up society.

          2. Matty D Post author

            If it was called the Music Hall of Fame then sure Run DMC & yeah still on the fence about Madonna in but sure. She’s like Don Sutton for me. She’s had a long career it was really good in the beginning, but at some point you need to stop when you become horrific to look at. I know you’re listening Mick Jagger. Here’s a little secret about radio which is just disgusting…see when I worked at Live 105 in SF I did the overnight shifts which sucked because there are hardly any commercials int he overnight, because no one is listening. So basically I was given a playlist of 50 minutes worth of music & about 5 minutes to play with.
            That computer was full of killer music, the Specials, The Stranglers, The Smiths, just a shit load of great stuff from a really great period in music plus some solid Indie bands that were just coming up too, Bloc Party, Interpol, etc. So I would play one of those songs that weren’t on the playlist or the “Allowed” list. Every station has an extra allowed music list that is if you run out of music you play this song & write it in the log, because every station pays to ASCAP/BMI like 2 cents or some ridiculously small amount. I deviated from that list a few times and got an email from the wretched PD basically threatening to fire me for not playing off the play list which consists of 180 songs total per month. They rotate 180 songs there. I listened 3 days in a row at the same time & the same fucking song played. It’s Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers & really not much else. Radio sucks. The only good music played is the KCRW type stations because they aren’t bound by commercial restrictions.

          3. Leighana H.

            I was stuck on hold with a pharmacy and they played “I’m Yours” or whatever it’s called– I thought my ears were going to explode. I purposely googled “Jason Mraz worst musician ever” because I needed to hear someone else spout off about how terrible he is. I can’t agree more. I really don’t know what else to say– I’m a woman in my 20’s and am embarrassed by the number of my friends who like him. I’m also glad to hear your opinion on Dave Matthews–I thought I was alone in my contempt for that idiot.

  3. Andy

    Personally I like satellite radio. I can listen to my man Howard Stern or choose to listen to just about any kind of music, talk, comedy, etc. I feel like listening to. Like today; I spent most of the day listening to some killer guitar licks on an all rockabilly station. It’s well worth the monthly fee, especially since I don’t have to settle for crappy AM/FM anymore. Sure there might be one or two decent stations, but satellite is so much better. Speaking of Stern, if you want to hear a funny clip of him bashing the crap out of the Jonas Bros. check out the clip of it on my webspace here —> http://www.adboswell.com. Don’t worry, there’s no spam or BS there, it’s my own website. Yes, my sense of humor is like a 5 year old’s… 😛

    So anyway, I was looking at instructional guitar videos on youtube earlier today and noticed another disturbing trend. Lots of guitar “players” are uploading vids on how to play Mraz puke music on guitar… and from the looks of the comment sections, people are actually starting to think that it’s real guitar music. That’s right, instead of wanting to learn some real guitar stuff, like say BB King, Brian Setzer, Dimebag Darryl (there’s so much good guitar out there for any type of real music), people are settling for the wussy nylon chord strumming of that asshole Mraz. It’s downright unsettling.

  4. Michael Crowe

    So let me get this straight your logic is what? that he is a douchebag cause he makes music that girls like and the music sucks cause your mom listens to it. These claims are outrageously ignorant. The truth is he makes great music his contrast in dynamics and his harmonies are something that have not been reached in a long time. And the way incoperates the trombone, trumpet, and saxphone into his songs is equal to that of nirvana.( and i mean the word not the band for you stupid enough not to know) And if your accusations are set on only opinion guess what noone want to hear your bullshit. Since none of you obviously know what your talking about and are spreading igonorant propganda you should propably jump off a bridge. Jason Mraz voice is a gift to us dont hate because you cant except all types of music having their ups and downs. Hes popular cause hes good. now go cry yourself to sleep and make some stupid accusations about something else because guess what obviously you cant tell harmony from a halfstep or percussion from a guitar or good music from bad your not gonna make it into music. All you people are so blasted ignorant learn what music is before you comment on someonelses.

    1. hydro

      am a musician and the way i figure quality music is how long for me to figure out the music by ear. for David batteau i had to look for tabs on paper. For jazon mras it took me 2 minutes just listening. it wasn’t worth to cover such toilet material. I find this article so funny i laughed so hard.

  5. andrea

    Jason Mraz is the best musician i’ve ever met!…before talking about someone, first start judging yourself, are you able to write songs like he does?, or to sing in front of many people?, or to arrive to point where he has arrived and he is now?….i don’t think so, adn who knows you? no one!…ask in the streets for Jason Mraz and they do know who he is…
    another important thing is that everyone has a different point of view not everyone likes the same type of music that you do, more people like pop than rock, heavy metal or wathever….and the most important!…Jason Mraz doesn’t even knows that you exist, and doesn’t even cares what you think!…hahaha

  6. andrea

    and the persons who say that that’s how a nine year old would think, hahahahaha so mature or what?!..hahahaha….you all make me laugh!..hahahahahhahahahah XD

  7. Whitney

    When I read this blog, I just laughed to myself because whoever wrote this obviously formed an opinion of Jason Mraz without really knowing what he does with his music.

    If you’ve only heard his studio albums, you’re really doing yourself an injustice. His live performances are nothing short of magical. You see so little of that nowadays, performers and bands that can perform better on the stage. Most people are shit live, and the right technology can make anyone a famous musician.

    In his typical style, Jason Mraz doesn’t sound at all like the “R & B rock awful, shite, garbage” that was mentioned. If acoustic guitarists are not your cup of tea then that’s fine, but whoever is so quick to dislike Jason Mraz without really KNOWING his music only shows me that they are clueless as to what kind of musician Jason Mraz really is…NOT that they have any sort of superior musical taste.

  8. liz

    I’m curious why you label him a douchebag? Have you met him? Has he wronged you in some personal way?

    You are obviously entitled to your opinion, and I won’t attack you for it but I would like to respectfully disagree.

    No matter what you think of his music, Jason is actually a kind soul. No, I do not know him personally but he is actually very generous and charitable, and he is all about living life to the fullest and being happy. That’s what his music is about, generally. It’s happy-go-lucky feel good songs.

    You mention that he’s “THAT guy in college; that douche bag in college that goes out to the quad & plays guitar just so girls with low self esteem will think he’s artistic. I will agree with you that THAT guy is annoying. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who plays an acoustic guitar should get that label? perhaps you’re jealous of said college douche cause he got laid more than you?

    As a fan, I have downloaded pretty much everything Jason has ever sung anywhere. I’ve read his blog, I’ve been to his concerts. He’s the boy-next-door. He’s not a big-headed celebrity type. So while you may not be a fan of his music, I challenge the “douchebag” label you’ve given him. He doesn’t look, act, speak, or dress like a douchebag. He’s not Kevin fucking Federline. He doesn’t try to be an actor.

    He’s simply a boy from Virginia who writes music that a lot of people enjoy. That doesn’t make us sheepish masses if we genuinely like what he does.

    So in the future when you’re describing an artist you are not a fan of, stick to what you don’t like about their music, not what you don’t like about your perception of their personality.

    To close, I’ll quote from an article I read once

    “Hating Mr. Mraz is empty sport, like hating sunshine itself.”

    you can read the full article here

    Have a happy new year!

    1. Matty D Post author

      I label him a douchebag, because he is a douchebag. I have met him on numerous occasions. I’ve been forced to interview him twice & he’s a tool. Just because a celebrity gives money to charity does not make him an honorable person, it means he has a smart tax guy who tells him that he can get a tax break if he gives some money to a random organization. All celebrities give money to charity, because it ends up saving them money in the long run. I love how you people defend this guy like he gives a shit about you. The personal insults are funny, because you’d think I insulted you the way you’re attacking me. So because I KNOW that Jason Mraz is a scumbag I catch hell from 13 year old girls? Hilarious. Just go back to watching the Disney channel & stop reading my blog it’s not for children’s or people with bad taste in music’s eyes.

  9. personman

    “guess what noone want to hear your bullshit”

    I’m going to skip pointing out the grammar and spelling errors in that sentence and jump right to a refutation.

    I am one of what I imagine to be many people who DO want to hear Matty D’s bullshit. I sought it out. I Googled “jason mraz sucks,” just so I could read someone else’s negative take on such awful music. It makes me happy to know other people feel the same way I do.

    I hear that song on the radio at work (out of my control), at home when my girlfriend is watching E! News, and even at the grocery store while I am buying food. Did you read that last one? While I am basically performing the modern equivalent of hunting and gathering, I am forced to listen to “I’m Yours” by Jason Fucking Mraz 😀

    That’s why I came here, to read Matty D’s bullshit rant about Jason Mraz. It makes me SMILE. If you don’t like it, go away.

    on another note…

    180 songs per month?! If they only played each song once per month, that’s SIX songs per day! That’s not even an hour’s worth of music for an entire day! Not surprising, though.

    The current fave of my coworkers’ preferred Adult Contemporary (barf) station is “You and Me” by Dave Matthews. eek! yep. wedged right between being-smart-doesn’t-mean-your-music-is-worth-a-shit Peter Gabriel and, um, Sarah McLachlan.

    1. Matty D Post author

      Thank you for being such an enlightened soul, personman! I love that smart people read my blog as well.

      1. personman


        thanks for the compliment. I wasn’t a regular reader before, but after reading this I’ll be checking back from time to time.

        btw, just read your Elvis/Bowie piece. articulate and honest. I realize that I don’t know a lot of Bowie besides what gets radio play.

  10. Nate

    great blog! Love the emotional responses!!!! Keep the passion people!!!

    Jason Mraz is terrible, but if you’re in to him, more power to you! Defend your opinion!

    No one should ever use the term “noone” in either spoken dialogue or a blog . . . seriously, with so much funny slang out there, let’s keep that one tied to a post.

  11. I hate this retard!!!


    Thanks so much.

  12. Steph

    I can understand if you don’t like Jason mraz music, but to call him a bad singer is an empty insult. I don’t like Pink, but I still know she has a good voice and good songs, she’s just not my taste. You’re talking like you think every Jason mraz fan is an idiot, and then you go ahead and ask why people are getting defensive in a way that seems like they’re being personally attacked? It’s because you ARE critisizing them and their choice of music. By all means insult the music, it’s your opinion, but don’t insult the people who listen to it and put them into a catergory.

  13. Jammer

    I am probably the only person on here that will admit to owning a Jason Mraz cd. I do not listen to him for his profound lyrics. Those do not exist. And his guitar play may be too simple for you, but if I want to listen to some subtle music while waking up in the morning, I skip my way through his quiet songs. If you have any suggestions for better morning music, bring it on. I like new things.

  14. Jeremy

    Mraz is a poseur. Every word you say here is gospel. Amen, brother. Jason Mraz deserves dysentery and so do all the fat bitches that listen to his trash.

  15. Matt

    Why hate this guy? I have also met him and he couldn’t be chiller. He’s just doing what he enjoys, and it so happens that the masses also enjoy what he does. Watch this video all the way through, hopefully it’ll inspire you to send out a little more light and be less of a jerk and critical person. there ain’t no time for that shit, it’ll only bring you down.


  16. Rick

    I know nothing of Music nor Jason Mraz, don’t think he is a douche or anything but I just do not like his music.

    I feel his lyrics doesn’t “gel” with his music, it’s like one is written separately from the other. It’s like the lyrics are forcefully written, without the music complimenting it. And sometimes I thought there is “no chorus”, no “hook”.

    There a song that goes “Look into your heart and you’ll find love, love, love, love.” I thought that is lazy song writing. It is like he is trying to words that fit into the Music, can’t think of any, so he put in 4 loves. I always have the impression that is quite amaturish.

    Just my own opinion & preference in music. Please don’t kill me : )

    1. alli

      lazy songwriting? its part of the song…………………… i highly doubt that ‘s in there because he couldnt think of anything better to write. and its also very misinformed to judge any artist simply on one song alone, OR to judge just from what is on the radio. especially jason mraz. his live stuff is way bettter, and the stuff on the radio doesnt even compare to the rest of the albums.

    2. Katy

      I have felt this non-gelling sound you speak of in his album ‘Mr. A-Z’. This is my least favourite of his albums, I feel the excessive ballady-instrument sound does not go with his voice. But I encourage you to listen to some calmer stuff, some more recent songs like ’93 Million Miles’ or the simple yet beautiful ‘10,000 Motherfuckers’ if you wish to have an informed argument. He has really progressed as an artist, his current grunge hippy esq look suits him perfectly I feel. Look beyond what you first see when you type ‘Jason Mraz’ into the search bar on youtube. Go find the real Jason Mraz! he’s freaking amazing I can assure you.

  17. James

    Jason Mraz is horrible, just horrible! He belongs in a play (Lion King or something) not on the airwaves! Jonas Bros–horrible. Hanna Montana–come on…horrible. James Blunt is horrible. John Mayer is horrible Justin Timberlake is even bad. Why is everyone trying to recreate what was done better by better artists from decades past? Dumbing Down of the music industry is getting out of hand my friends. No wonder video games and phones are wiping out music. Is there any hope in this generation? Sure I don’t mind listening to music from real artists from the past for the rest of my life. But how sad is this? Popular Music is the worst it’s been in human history. I’d take the crappiest 80’s songs over the Grammy winners of today-anyday.

    1. Charlie

      All those people you mention are horrible. but not Jason Mraz. He is a league above them all! Don’t drag him down to that level. Aha

  18. mina

    Why is he a douche bag? He hasn’t done anything wrong nice logic. And I love his music and some of my male friends do too so go kick rocks.Barefoot.

  19. Truth

    I love how an angry pathetic loser working at Mcdonalds wrote this article. Jason Mraz is one of the greatest musicians that ever existed unlike the trash you listen to. You wouldn’t know good music if it gave your father a blowjob.

    “that douche in college” “I met him twice”….lol…I’ve met him too and he’s so cool n chill….not a whiny bitch like you. And don’t be mad because you never got any in college because you have no talent and look like a fetus.

    Go on and hate Jason mraz, he’s getting laid and getting paid while you’re crying in your moms basement. Pathetic troll lol.

  20. reality spitta

    All this crap music started to come out in 1997 I remember vividly a news story about how marketers were changing their target market to the nearly 80 million teens in America at that time,they said it was the largest teen population in the nations history and marketers changed everything,look at MTV around 1997-1999 all the black R&B groups were replaced by Nsync and other teenie bopper groups,All the rock was replaced by teen rock bands(linkin park,limp bizkit),all the good Hip Hop like Canibus,Mountain Brothers was replaced by Southern rappers or trappers who sound like garbage,Hip Hop means Knowledge Movement,Hip means to know and Hop is to move or a movement,the crap out today is not real Hip Hop,anyway all the Divas like Whitney Houstuon were fazed out by teen divas Brittany Spears and Christina Agullera. It was around this time that I heard a song on the radio by the so called “curbside prophet with his hand in his pocket” Mraz and his he wont worry his life away ballad that had a video on MTV from that day on to quote a smart man THE MUSIC DIED.

    1. Katy

      Oh I agree that modern chart music is awful. But not Jason Mraz. I really feel he gives something more. Go see him live. He puts on an amazing show, and boy can he SING! He didn’t kill music. He is, infact, one of the few carrying it on to this day.

  21. Jebus Wuz HERE

    Really…. I want all of you guys to go search up (your favorite artist) “sucks” and I bet you’ll get this same bullshit. I’ve searched up “The Beatles Sucks” I’ve searched up “Rolling Stones Sucks” (Clearly good artists) And I found websites after websites of just haters. Trust me on this! Theres haters for just about everything!

  22. globe194

    OMG XD You say that Jason Mraz is something between R&B and Rock!? R & B = Rythm and Blues–> Jason has Rythm but no blues, and Rock has nothing to do with his music. WRITE A SONG THAT IS BETTER THAN “Beautiful Mess”!!!! Send it to my email adress and than maybe you can talk ill of jason mraz again. But till then…SHUT THE FUCK UP x)

  23. goinglemons

    Ugh. I wish I was more pissed off at this article, but I’m more humored, for many reasons. We all have different tastes in music, right? So you like R & B and whatever, and you really DISLIKE Jason’s type of music. You basically even said so yourself, throwing in Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, which are similar artists. But here’s where I got humored: Just because you hate one style of music, means you can target one of the greatest artists out there? I mean come ON. Do you think Ke$ha could hit those notes he does? Do you think the Black Eyed Peas are half as good as he is live? (ha, no. ask the last super bowl halftime performance). So, I’m okay that you don’t like his music. A lot of people don’t. It’s different, and some people can’t handle things being “different”. But, you really can’t just target this amazing guy, just because he sings what you don’t like. Hell, he could probably sing the kind of music you dig even better than your favorite artists, if he tried.
    So, my advice, please don’t be so judgmental. I think you just need to get over the fact that he wears hats, that he likes bandanas, and that he’s got his own personal style that you shouldn’t be hating on. You should accept that he’s got a style of music you dislike, and fucking realize he’s probably a nice person and has done you NO HARM. So I don’t understand why you can’t just -LIVE AND LET LIVE.-

    p.s. (sorry this is the angry part) When’s the last record deal you got? When’s the last time you’ve been on TV? How many tours have you been on? Concerts performed? Oh, you didn’t do any of these things? Well, he did. And apparently wearing his hats and doing his thing got him there. So, now he’s like a millionaire and there’s this tiny little hate-base of people that call him a tool and a douche bag. Where do those conclusions come from? He’s a douche just because he wears a hat? Just because he sings songs you don’t love? Well, gee willikers, mister. You make a TON of sense.

    DON’T HATE JASON. He’s more successful than you will EVER be. And remember, live and let live.

      1. Gregory

        I don’t really have feelings about Mraz one way or another. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        I will listen to both sides of any argument all day, as long as the claims they make can be backed up by cold, hard, FACTS. I have a problem with both sides in this argument, because for the most part, very few of you are citing DIRECT EVIDENCE to support your claims. This goes for the fan-girls who are hopelessly obsessed with the guy just as much as the group of you who would like nothing better than to “rip his vocal cords out” or simply murder him.

        Neither pool of thought deserves the acknowledgement of their ideas if said ideas are purely speculation, otherwise know as opinion.

        I don’t have anything against you if you hate any artist, Mraz or otherwise. But this sort of juvenile argument is keeping us from focusing on what’s really important, like helping the family who is about to lose their home because they can’t afford the mortgage payments, or making sure that homeless man on the sidewalk has enough to eat.

  24. Athena

    I hate him. I would gladly rip his vocal cords out in an instant. Simply put, he is a male Taylor Swift. Thank goodness for real music or I would lose it. This world is sad and pathetic, that is for sure. So are

  25. BillyBob

    I just watched a video of two girls covering one of his songs. They did the song better than it deserves. When listening closely to the lyrics it reminded me of how talentless JM is. I found this site just to verify my musical compass. Then, when I think back about all the people I’ve met/known who like his music the reality of life became clear. There are people who “don’t get it.” They never will. They gladly fork over hard earned money to support people like him. Sigh…..

    1. Barbie

      His cd songs, I agree lack a bit. But if you listen to him live he changes it so beautifully and it is seriously incredible if an artist he is.
      You know an artist is talented when they’re good live and change their music almost every show!

  26. NboyNovak

    I think you’re completely wrong. Can you write a song with a catchy and upbeat melody like Jason Mraz can? Can you even sing like he can? He has an amazing voice because of the things that he can do with it. I completely respect anyone’s musical views, likes, and dislikes but I can’t tolerate an ignorant asshole that whines about him being feminine. By the way, comparing Jason Mraz to High School Musical is like comparing Metallica and Billy Joel. They are two completely different things. Maybe you should try broadening your horizons a little bit. Obviously, you don’t understand differences between musical styles so you should do a little bit more research before posting something so… idiotic and close-minded. Maybe someday you’ll learn to appreciate other peoples’ music even though it isn’t necessarily your favorite artist.

  27. dean

    lol @you man Jason Mraz is definitely talented musician and actually a nice human being its okay that you dont like that type of music i dont like certain musicians either but atleast can appreciate the fact that they are talented when they really are. Jason Mraz is an even better singer live that John Mayer and all these crappy artists like Bieber,Justin Timberlake,Kesha and Flo rida are the ones ruining music not people like Mraz and comparing Mraz with rock guitarists is just plain retarded he is not an exceptional guitarist but uses the guitar to complement his singing so he does not bother improving much in that area anyway he is one of the most talented vocalists out there. he is also a down to earth person and does not have a big head. just because he is chilled and a happy person does not mean he is am douchebag or a loser.you’re a bunch of judgemental pricks 🙂

  28. Iddy

    “horrible. James Blunt is horrible. John Mayer is horrible Justin Timberlake is even bad.” – You lost any credibility to making any good points when you say timberlake is even bad… last.. like he’s the best out of all the names…
    “I don’t care if he did cover Kermit the Frog’s, “Rainbow Connection” (just another ploy to steal the chastity of girls who would normally allow almost fat guys to take it after a few beers). ” – What does that mean for people like Willie Nelson… That also cover this song..

    Know that he also has some “cool” songs such as “Cannibus College”

    He has a bad voice I believe I read? Or he cant sing? … Ok, but he can match a Saxaphone note for note and personally sound better than one.. Or… I believe that the opera he pulls off is a simple way to say that he actually can sing..

    Maybe you should realize that music HAS change… time has changed… Id like to know who Mraz is tryin to be like?

    Last but not least Id like to say that if all you negative people hate him so much.. Id like to see you travel the world and speak out for children slaves in ghana.. or plant trees as you travel…

    He’s a positive influence on the world.. the end..

  29. Barbie

    Wow, that’s a lot of hate for someone who enjoys making people happy for a living, and not pleasing everyone. His music is happy go lucky and you just seem completely voided towards happiness whatsoever.
    Jason MRAZ is a very talented singer and guitar player. If you see his live on earth DVD you’ll quickly change your mind, I did.

  30. Tony

    This guy could not be anymore wrong. It is obvious that he does not have an ear for music. I am a violin performance major in college and have studied at Julliard. I think I know good music when I hear it. Jason Mraz is one of the more talented musicians to come along in a great while. His range is unbelievable. He is a very good guitar player. He is better live than he is on his albums, which is extremely rare. This guy can improvise with the best. The writer of this blog is just plain moronic.

    1. Beth

      Wow! That was the biggest case of jealousy I’ve seen in a while. Clearly you are not comfortable enough with yourself to express yourself in a creative outlet or with the ladies low self-esteem or other wise. So you attack people like Jack Johnson, Jason Marz, and Dave Matthews.

      You need to be absolutely PERFECT before you release a blog as scathing as this one.

  31. The writer of this fucking thing is a dum ass

    Just fuckyou all he enjoys what he does so he won’t care what the fuck you stupid shit assholes were saying because he love what he does. Then why don’t you fucking motherfuckers go out to the world and make better song than he does and just try to win that fucking grammy award you son of a bitches. He love what he does so thats the reason why he succeed since you guys couldn’t even enjoy your own life and you just got time to discourage other’s life? fuck you all. He is way better person and the musician than your fucking mothers

  32. Lord Voldemort

    You are entitled to your opinion and to like or dislike an artist, author of this blog, but I have a feeling your opinion is baseless (you crossed the line in saying chicks who dig Mraz have low self esteem. Biggest load of BS I’ve read in a while)
    I’m a trained musician myself and I find some of Jason Mraz’s melodies simply magical. He may not be a very skilled guitarist, but good music doesn’t necessarily involve a Jimi Hendrix- if it reaches out to you and stirs emotions, it classifies.
    You would’ve embittered more people than got heads nodding with this post, which is the DE to everything mellow

  33. Marchelle

    To be honest this article and argument was a pure waste of my time. I have loved Jason’s music for 5 years now, admittedly since I’m Yours came out, but from reading this I’d have to say a lot of this hate comes purely from the fact that the haters have only ever heard ‘I’m Yours’ and recently ‘I Won’t Give Up’. I want to tell you not take your frustration out on Jason, because, it’s not his fault the radio played that song to death, but, no doubt you’ll just brush me off as some stupid fan girl hopelessly in love with him. While I didn’t enjoy his most recent album you should see him live before you really judge. My entire perception of all the songs on his new album changed simply by the way that he bought them to life on stage. You shouldn’t be commenting on musical style if you haven’t listened to a musician perform live. Purely the fact that he is 10x better live is proof that he is a fantastic artist, even if he’s not your favorite style of music. As far as I’m concerned this entire article was unwarranted as your main approach was to attack him personally, and, don’t let yourself think that’s okay because you’ve supposedly met him a few times. You get back what you give in, and judging from what you’ve had to say here, you were obviously a douchebag to him for him to act like a douchebag to you. But by all means continue to be a complete douchebag, the only sad part is that mindless sheep will follow your own opinion simply because you ‘seem’ to know what you’re talking about. I’m not here to hate on you, I’m a Mraz fan and follow in the ideal that you should ‘be love’ in every situation which means being nice to someone no matter how much you despise their attitude. Maybe you should try this, you’d probably enjoy life a bit more.

  34. Dylan

    Hello good sir!

    I’ve been directed to this post through a series of fans who like Jason. So maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m a college aged boy with a very large amount of respect and envy for Jason Mraz. Let me tell you, I’m involved in the music industry and anywhere you mention his name there is a producer or musician who will praise Mr. Mraz, even if they’re in a different genre of music. He writes all of his own material and if you take time to listen to what Jason is singing about, you’ll know he’s not some vagina-obsessed douchebag. Sure the man likes to get down, but that’s not his goal. Jason is a very talented, very loving man who writes from his heart. The range this man sings with is incredible and his voice is one of the only actually talented voices in the modern music realm. I understand if you don’t like his style of music, but that does not give you the right to make outlandish claims about how he is a douchebag. He is very talented, very loving, and very passionate. Not to mention how incredibly successful he’s been around the world, where values of humanity are still treasured.

    In short, you’re wrong and a dickwad.

    All the best,
    Dylan Moore

  35. Danielle Anderson

    I love how in a country with ample resources and access to reasonable forms of education and knowledge that we are still so vastly inundated by idiocy such as this. I not only want to admonish you to read a couple of books and broaden your vocabulary cause your repeated use of the term douche bag makes it quite evident that yours is at best LIMITED, but i’d also admonish you to embark on a journey of musical exploration.

    Now as for your foolish notions about Jason… i’ll try to keep this simple for you. “It is better to say nothing and have people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Not only did you prove that you have shit taste in music but that you are an unhappy pathetically miserable person who could not recognize decency if it hit in the face; because not only is Jason Mraz a stellar musician but he is great person with a heart for people which is something that we are not only grossly lacking as a country but as people as a whole.
    Your talking about a guy who gives of himself not only in music and the performance of said music but in deeds done for humanity. So it should be no surprise that Jason’s fandom is so vast and vastly growing, not to mention that he more than likely gets laid more than you ever will because you see.. people relish positivity they crave it because today with the overall nature of our society we see and experience it so sparingly because unfortunately for all of us it is people like you that are of the majority and as we know all too well the majority wins no matter how stupid they are.

    so you keep spouting and continue to pollute society with even more foolishness and i’ll keep BLASTING Jason Mraz songs everywhere I go to counter act it cause as it is we all have to do our part : )

  36. Darrragh

    This is the most ridiculous argument I think I have possibly ever heard… on every possible human level.
    1. Jason Mraz plays easy listening Reggae and Songwriter music, not rock and defo no R&B.
    2. Jason Mraz plays Martins guitars and has one of the hottest backing bands, full of the best musicians in the world. So it’s hardly bad music.
    3. All of his singles released this year alone have made it into the millions, because he’s such a good songwriter.
    4. He sings about love, peace and positivity.
    5. He’s (while I’m not myself but) environmentally friendly.
    6. He does tons of work for charity and even has his own charity foundation.
    7. He plants at least one tree in every city he visits.
    8. He’s a hippy and has the most chilled meditating voice i’ve ever head.
    9. He’s constantly great full to his fans all the time.
    10. He’s polite, pleasant and comes across as laid back and willing to do any interview or give any of his time to fans or people around him.
    11. Jason Mraz is a millionaire and has said so…so do you really think he gives a crap about your shitty little article.

    Why in God’s name would you hate Jason Mraz anyway??…
    This twat who wrote article this is a complete and utter idiot. The End.

  37. shannonccc2

    Good job man, you put up this blog and got what you wanted. You feel good about yourself? Yea.. I’m sure you do, I can picture a big grin across your face while reading these comments. And you know what I thank you. It gives people, the younger generation, a chance to take a stance on something. It’s good to know there’s so much passion for the arts.

    I personally love Jason Mraz’s music. I would even be so bold to dub him a ‘medicine man’. Sure call him a douche bag, I don’t care about that , those are just empty words. I’m not sure where you got the idea that his music is R&B. It’s under the umbrella of pop music. If you listen to him SING ( forget about the music for a second) he is in no way under the vocal equivalence of JT or Christina Aguilera OR Mariah Carey for that matter (not at all). His vocal training consisted of musical theater and classical. Evidence (Coyotes from the album ‘We Sing. We Dance. We steal things’).

    As far as music those are the only points you really made. Everything else just seems like a rant. I couldn’t find the relevance that he is “Bad at Music”, as you put it in your title, by talking about what he looks like. I agree with Gregory, there’s not much reasoning behind your blog, no facts to really convince us that “Jason Mraz is Bad at Music”. As you put towards the end of your entry, the goal is to get people to stop listening to his music. Right?

    Yea I’m still going to keep listening to his music. I don’t know him personally, and I’ve never met him, so I can’t vouch for him in that corner. But the music? I’ve been a fan of for about 3 years now and the evidence is in his live performances, his arrangement in music and the message he puts across in that music. At the end of the day, to each his own. We all have our own preferences to music. I’m sure if a blog post about your favorite artist was put up or even an artist you just liked to listen to you’d feel some kind of need to defend them.

    I’m not at all angry at your opinion, because it’s just that, your opinion. Like I said before I thank you, for putting this out there, it’s nice to go back to why I truly love this music when people oppose it

    1. Doomface

      I was glad to see somebody else blast Jason and his musical anal leakage. He’s the musical equivalent of listening to the microwave hum for 2 hours. Forgettable bland noise. The people who angrily defend him need to punch themselves in the cunt. Especially the male fans.

      The idea that I have to back up my subjective musical opinion with cold hard facts is asinine.

      The idea that only a songwriter is allowed to criticize shitty music like this is asinine.

      The idea that people who hate shitty music are jealous is especially asinine. Although it is irritating to see talentless shitcocks like Jason get rewarded for making empty noise.

      The theory that I will change my mind after wasting time and money to see him live is perhaps the most asinine argument of all. As if I will repent and suddenly buy all his horrendous offerings. Are you honestly suggesting that people may only form a musical opinion after a live show? Too much shitty music, too little time…and inclination.

      If you like Jason’s noise that much then you are impressed and pleased by nothing. Utter nothing. And stop talking about how “chill” he is. I couldn’t give half a fuck. He’s a tool. He is producing the exact bland garbage that record companies know tone deaf people with disposable income will love. Fuck off.

  38. Pingback: SoundWave21 – New Music! | soundillustrated

  39. Southworth

    I used to party with the douche bag before he made it. Once he made it he wanted nothing to do with his old friends. No, really. Used to hang on the couches on the stage every week end at Caffines in Richmond. After he opened for Jewel and started to make it, he turned his back on his friends. He can rot for all i care. Enjoy your fame, and when it crashes your old hometown friends, well…..we will be here for you like you were for us.

  40. y

    Oh f_uck, I hate this guy. His music is as twee as it can get without him taking female hormones and growing some boobs. My dislike of him is quite irrational. Jack Johnson sucks too… The irritating chick who sings ‘Bubbly’…
    All of it is the musical equivalent of an enema.

  41. rovert

    You’re just some guy sitting at a computer in your parents basement hating on a talented man making money and winning awards. Hating on him doesn’t even matter to him coz he’s already made it. Get a life man.

  42. Simone Blum

    I am glad Jason Mraz is out there with his unique music style and song .

    I am tyred of this old fools who call them selfs artists , singer , song writer .
    It’s the same old same old .

    The elluminater are lame and boring .
    Jame Taylor is awful and boring
    Sara Bateilles the same .

    Music like art is in the ear of the listener and therefor many love Jason Mraz and some just don’t get it and go with the same old boring stuff .
    Time something new and uplifting comes . I like his voice and how he uses his instrument / voice . He is not the only one with a soft voice .

    Please make sure my comment gets poster .
    There are other social pages to write who post only comments they like or not .

    Have a good day

    Simone / love Jason Mraz fresh music .

    Ps : time this old dusty ” perfection ” stopes and something new and unique comes .


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