Trainman is Thunder & Light

My pick to click this week kids is Coyote Grace. A band from one of my many former stomping grounds, Sonoma County, Ca. with a sound that invokes images of Amos Lee meets Crosby, Stills & Nash (Young was sick), Coyote Grace is the brainchild of Ingrid Elizabeth Eyen & Joseph Greenwood Stevens a couple of crazy kids with a love for bluegrass, folk & country music.

Northern California’s music scene is an up and comer & seems to be eclipsing what was once a burgeoning scene in Southern California. Ingrid hails from Southeastern Ohio while Joe comes from Sacramento. With guitar rhythms & a strong bass sound that compliment the raspy vocals of Joesph this is a band to keep a keen eye on in 2009-10. They’ve already released their first album Boxes & Bags & intend on releasing 2 albums this year. One being a live album (already?!) of their recent tour with Courtney Robbins.

Rest assured that this band will make a splash in the ever-expanding Alt-Country scene that seemingly is eclipsing the crap that regularly comes out on the radio the way Grunge did at the beginning of the 90s. I will do my best, loyal readers to get an interview with this band on my next trip to Northern California. They are awash in brilliance.

Coyote GraceTrainman

David CrosbyMountain Song #4

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