Woody Show No More-Live 105 Stupidity

My arch-nemesis Jeff “Woody” Fife & his morning crew of misanthropes have been fired by Live 105 in San Francisco. We all remember what douche bags Woody & his crew were to me (mostly Ravey) as I was just starting & quickly ending in the radio business. Woody, Tony & his pet rock Ravey were morning show hosts in the Bay area who’s ratings were semi-respectable.

Why were they fired you may ask? Allegedly, it was because they played a 30 second clip of the just released Green Day album. So while for any normal DJ it shouldn’t have been a terminable offense, it’s obvious that the genius’s over at CBS were just looking for a reason to get rid of Jeffrey & his crew.

All that said, as much as I disliked them, Ravey mostly, the move is just another example of ultra-sensitive Program Director Dave Numme, who for years has tried with much success to run Live 105 into the ground, having no idea what he’s doing. Remember this is a guy who in 1998 was basically called by the New York Times a corporate sellout for being involved in what was very reminiscent of 50s DJ Alan Freed’s Payola scandal.

Woody has a wife that is pregnant (7 months) & to be fired like that, while karmic in it’s significance, is still Bush League & another poor decision in the annals of recent CBS Radio history. See: David Lee Roth, Opie & Anthony & now Woody. It’s to be expected by Numb. I mean this is a guy who’s favorite album of 2006 was Jack Johnson’s Curious George Soundtrack. For the record here’s hoping Woody lands on his feet & Ravey lands in the gutter where she belongs. Nobody cares about Tony.

17 thoughts on “Woody Show No More-Live 105 Stupidity

    1. Matty D Post author

      NO! I used to work on the Woody, Tony & Ravey show before it was called the Woody show. Actually, I was on it when it was called the Morning Music Co-Op. I never would’ve worked at Alice. They played shitty music & No Name was a gigantic asshole. So again no.

  1. Ben P

    I am heartened to see that, while still obviously a douche bag, matty at least recognizes even bigger idiots over at live 105. We can only hope dave the show killer achieves the mantle of dave the station killer. Long live the woody show and SUCK IT matty d!

  2. Monica

    Now No Name is hosting the morning show.. I hate Live 105 now, The Woody show was the best part of the commute. No Name blows.

  3. Brandon I

    I miss the Woody Show. It was the only thing that got me through my commute. At least I have almost all of their clips from the Live 105 website. No Name blows.

  4. jennster

    i cannot believe he has the fucking PHONE OP on the air with him.. no name sucks.. phone op girl is super fucking annoying. i can’t even listen to live 105 in the morning now.

  5. Monica

    and what about Greg, did he sell out? I haven’t heard Menace, and I am pretty sure he wasn’t fired. The morning show now is so Lame and when Greg was doing it on his own the music made me want to punch a baby.. seriously it was bad.. even worse now.

  6. Aaron

    I was starting to hate you Matty D, but upon further reading of your blog I realized that you’re a good guy. I totally agree with you about Evil 105 and Dave Numme being a total douche. I saw that same article about Dave Numme as well, I wrote him a nasty e-mail bascially calling him what the New York Times did: a ” corporate sellout.” He is just that. He’s a complete waste of space, him and Michael Martin need to be T-boned by a bus. I won’t even give Live 105 a blip of a rating by tunning into No Name, Greg Gory, and Katie. Live 105 is dead and I’ve trully lost all faith in radio. The Woody Show, in my mind, represented everything a morning radio show should be; funny, innovative, progressive, and badass. The show was simply awesome, and I know hundreds and hundreds of people from all over miss the show very deeply. I really appreciate the blog Matty D – you’re all right.

    I hear Woody is back on air in @ http://www.1077theend.com. I haven’t checked it out for myself but it would be nice to hear Woody’s voice again (no homo). Long live The Woody Show and Suck It!!!

  7. lucky13jesse

    I knew it would be just a matter of time when Dave the show killer came into the picture. it was pretty apparent that he wanted the show to run in his terms and he was just bitter that woody was always able to pull off a great show ignoring his crappy ideas. i have nothing against No Name but i think the new morning show sucks.

  8. Cormac Brown

    I caught a little of the White Menace’s show on Saturday, it wasn’t half bad…though he was better when he had WTR to feed off of. This whole situation really was about Numme’s ego and the fact that Woody brought the station its highest numbers in ages, despite Numme’s half-baked ideas and machinations. If you don’t believe me, then why do all the promos stress the fact that they play music?

  9. MuzikJunkie99

    I Miss the woody show to death! But the two I really don’t give a damn about is ravey and menace! They can suck it hardcore buddy! But woody and tony those were dogs. There were so nice everytime I seen them. But I think that every since the got fired they’ve changed. I don’t blame shit. Losin the show because of a punkass greenday song! And greenday is a sell out anyway! But if it was madden or tanner they wouldn’t have gotten fried.

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  11. jenkiejen

    Loyal woody show follower and listener, Enjoyed your blog Matty, although I can’t agree with you about hating ravey coz she’s a sweetheart to me. At least we agree that Live 105 made a huge mistake in the wake of the other mistakes they’ve made in the past. I’ve tuned out at this point, having to degrade myself as low as country radio in the morning just to entertain myself during my 4 hour shift in my car. It used to be perfect and I could listen to the whole Woody show while I was working from my car, but now that’s over, and with no ipod I’m screwed. Currently at this moment, I’m listening to Woody on 107.7 the end in Seattle. It’s great to hear him again. Umm. But I’m not sure about the guy he’s broadcasting with. *pre judgement about pounder ~ reminicent of seattle matt, just saying*

  12. DavidR

    Finally a place to vent! The new Noname show is just as unlistenable as was his old night show on Live 105 years ago. As far as having someone to blame for firing the Woody show I blame Michael Martin and the brain surgeons at CBS Corp. This has got to be a pure cost cutting measure. I’m guessing Numme won’t be far behind in joining our heros on the unemployment line. From what I understand the only reason why Numme isn’t on the street already is because his boyfriend also works in the building and CBS doesn’t want a discrimination lawsuit.
    I am so pissed that the Woody Show is no more. I hope Woody and his crew land on their feet somewhere that won’t help me get through my morning any easier.
    I hope Michael Martin and the rest of the CBS brian trust rot in Hell.

  13. Paulinho68

    I wish Woody and his crew all the luck, I was hoping some other Bay area radio station would hire them, but no luck. I hate the no name show, it sucks big time. It is the worse show ever, the guy has no talent what so ever. I’ll bet Greg G. is hating every minute of it, he use to make fun of him all the time. Now he’s got work with the guy and pretend he is enjoying it.
    I hope Live105 realizes it and take that idiot out of the air, anything is better !

  14. SFGirl

    What I remember most about the Woody, Tony and Ravey show when it aired on Live 105 was how they would repeatedly remark that they weren’t like everyone else in the Bay Area supposedly was when it came to politics. They would continually and eagerly make the point that they weren’t extreme liberals like everyone is supposed to be in SF, and this of course made them cooler than everyone else.

    I always thought it was kind of odd for them to do this, and annoying as well. It’s great to have diverse opinions but for them to 1. automatically subscribe to the tired notion that “everyone” in SF is a bed-wetting liberal and 2. continually and gleefully repeat how they weren’t liberal like “everyone else here” didn’t really make them sound too good. Okay, we got it that you were supposedly “different” and that’s fine but it never qualified the three of you as better or cooler or whatever. It was distracting and annoying, just as much as a liberal radio host would be in a supposedly conservative city.


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