Live 105 in Disarray

My sources have been telling a sordid set of tales the last couple of days that Live 105 management is in pure disarray & setting themselves up for a huge lawsuit.

  • The 30 second clip that was the alleged cause of The Woody Show firings was also played by Pete Mar, Tanner, Madden & Jared. Yet they are still there. Again I challenge Dave “The Showkiller” Numb to explain himself on this blog.
  • One of the main reasons Mike “No Name” Nelson was brought in to replace The Woody Show was that he is still under contract for one more year w/ CBS & they did not want to pay someone else. This is a notoriously cheap run organization starting at the top with Les Moonves. Again, see how they refused to pay David Lee Roth when they fired him or Don Imus when he was let go for his moronic remarks. My question is if No Name isn’t good enough to be a sidekick on a second rate station like Alice why is he good enough to be the lone host on Live 105?
  • Dave “The Showkiller” Numb seems to have a huge issue with female jocks as you can well see only one is even remotely employed (Kat) & the other had to go to HR and threaten to sue just to get an apology for being sexually harassed before she quit.
  • Former DJ, Matt (NOT ME), was recently fired for making knuckle children in studio, which is what should’ve happened (caught on webcam).  What should not have happened was the White Menace broadcasting it onto You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. & still keeping his job.
  • Miles, who’s father was a former A&R man, is still on the air & is still one of the worst DJ’s in the Bay Area. He must have those pictures of Numme hand in hand w/ his boyfriend, in leather from the Folsom Street Fair 2 years ago that I’ve been bartering w/ someone to acquire for a while now. So far to no avail, but believe me when I get those pictures up here they will go.
  • The BFD line-up this year has been panned widely for having one of the weakest line-ups in recent history. Look at the line-up from a few years back & look at this year’s. No I didn’t get them mixed up or toss in the line-up for 1996 this is actually who they’re putting out there in 2009.

This station has been a steady decline since Steve DiNardo “left” the station in ’08 & is headed for a fiery crash landing. I will keep you up to date on all the musings.


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