The Top 250 Albums of All-Time

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago as I pondered the true meaning of the word enigma. What could be more amazing than creating a list, by myself, of the best albums of all time according to myself (with some input from others as well, but my opinion supersedes all, because I’m that brilliant…sarcasm). Rolling Stone did it, Spin tries to do it, but it’s such a shitty magazine that no one cares, Entertainment weekly did it with movies, etc. So from now until the end of the year I will everyday post about my list.

This is a comprehensive list that includes Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Rap, Alternative, R&B, Punk & if there’s any decent pop out there that too. I look forward to your comments & suggestions (notice email, twitter & facebook on the side).

2 thoughts on “The Top 250 Albums of All-Time

  1. Julien Peter Benney

    This list, I hope at least, will be interesting.

    I love lists of best albums, and have been waiting a very long time to find something to rival the 2002 list of Joe S. Harrington, which has influenced me greatly since I read it without owning one of the Top 100 albums.

    I really wonder how much of the 190 or so albums on these two lists will make up your Top 250 albums. It is a subject I love so much that I really want to talk with you about these questions and actually point out some of my own thoughts.

    1. Matty D Post author

      I’m glad you like it so far. Some of the albums are highly overrated on those lists. Steely Dan #1 is ridiculous. I apologize for editing the list out as it took a ton of space. Feel free to tell your friends and discuss the picks. I’m more than amiable to talking about them myself as well.


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