Music News – Jay Z (D.O.A.), Lemonheads, Pearl Jam

  • The Lemonheads have a new single this week. Coincidentally, Evan Dando is suing, nearly defunct, GM because he alleges they used his song “It’s a Shame about Ray” in a commercial. Why, of all the artists songs to use, would GM use a Lemonheads song? A group most famous for covering a Simon & Garfunkel song, “Mrs. Robinson“. Ah, maybe it’s tangible proof of their poor decision making that led to their undoing. See for yourself. If anything the Lemonhead song sounds like the Velvet Underground’s, “Who Loves the Sun?“. So maybe instead of gunning for companies who can’t even pay their employees, maybe Evan Dando should watch his own ass in case Lou Reed decides he needs a little extra coin.
  • In another case of odd litigation someone named Jocelyn Brown is suing shitty 90s group Snap! over their song “The Power” that’s been featured in 500 movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. Honestly, it’s been 20 years, you didn’t think about suing before now? Isn’t there some sort of statute of limitations on contributing to kitschy shit? Maybe they weren’t really the lyrical Jesse James…hmmm?
  • Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes did a really long interview over at Pitchfork. I spent 20 minutes reading it & got about half way through it.
  • Thom Yorke, of Radiohead, will playing solo at the Latitude Festival this year in Suffolk, England this year. It’s rare that Yorke plays solo so you may want to reserve your tickets now my England bound friends. July 16-19.
  • Interesting how groups like Pearl Jam have become corporate douches after spending many years fighting for the common man. Nick Hornby favorite & Pearl Jam acolyte, I Am Fuel You Are Friends Blogger, Heather Browne, got into a bit of a dust-up last week with PJ Management. It may be time for Pearl Jam to descend into that good night. Since Vitalogy have they made a good album? If so use the comment section to name it and why it’s relevant?
  • Not sure if this is really Music News but Apple is set to reduce the price of the current I-Phone on the cusp of their new I-Phone anouncement said to come within a month or two. Prices could down $50-100.
  • Our condolences to ex-Guns ‘N Roses guitarist, Slash, who’s mother passed away June 5th after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. She was a professional costume designer who tailored outfits for such acts as John Lennon, Diana Ross & the Pointer Sisters.
  • Jay-Z’s New single “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)” off his yet to be released album The BluePrint III, has leaked and guess who’s got it? Hova, once again, proves why there is no other rapper in his league, period.

Velvet Underground – Who Loves the Sun

Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)


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