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So got some new things coming your way. Starting next week we’re going to be having some themes to our days. It’s gonna break down like this:

New Music Monday’s – The New music that is coming out that week that we think is worth purchasing will be showcased on the blog.

Top 250 Albums of All-Time Tuesdays – Each week, since I can’t do it every night like I had originally intended, I will post a new segment in the top 250 of All-Time. I will try to do at least 10 until the final 2 weeks when I will unveil the top 10 of all-time.

Music News Reviews & Picks to Click Wednesday’s – This will now be on Wednesdays & if any news is “breaking” that will be posted immediately.

Bootleg Thursdays – Each Thursday I will post either a Bootleg/Demo album or a live album for your pleasure. I will do a write-up about the concert or bootleg and hope you enjoy some of the rarities I have in my collection. I will actually start this one tomorrow with an extremely rare treat that I know many music fans clamor to get a hold of.

Mix-Tape & Artist Spotlight Fridays – This will rotate. One week I will spotlight an artist, the next week I will choose a theme and put a little mix-tape to help you get through the weekend.

Saturdays & Sundays – If there’s anything to report I’ll do it. Otherwise, I’ll be advocating the overthrow of Greek Gods.

If you’re an artist & you’d like me to A) review your album on the site, B)put you in the artist spotlight or C) just hear some of your stuff then please contact me at THEDEMELLOTHEORY@LIVE.COM & I’ll be able to have a listen. Keep in mind, however, that if I do review your material for the site I do not claim that I will automatically give a favorable review.

2 thoughts on “Site News

    1. Matty D Post author

      Ok so the links are back up. I didn’t expect such a huge response so I put them on a sit while not as good can with stand the amount of people.


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