Monsters of Folk

Earlier in the week I mentioned that coming 9-22-09 Jim James, Conor Oberst, M. WardMike Mogis will release a joint venture as the Monsters of Folk. Much like their previous venture at the Pantages in Minnesota 5 years ago it will bring together the best of each artist & be something unique for everyone. While I am a very big fan of Jim James & a moderate to tolerable fan of Oberst & Ward, I do love all three of them together and this looks to be a great album, can’t wait.

So in honor of this upcoming album this is the Thursday Bootleg/Live article of the week. This is the aforementioned Pantages concert. It starts off with M. Ward doing 8 songs, then Jim James doing 8 of his own including one of my personal favorites, “Where to Begin” off the Elizabethtown Soundtrack, after that Connor Oberst does his 8 & finally they all jam together for 6 songs including covers of Willie Nelson “Always on my Mind” & Bob Dylan “Girl of the North Country”

M. Ward, Connor Oberst & Jim James (Monsters of Folk) – Feb 20, 2004 – Pantages Theatre, Minneapolis – Zip

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