Cast Your Wreckless Dreams Upon Our Mayflower

This week’s pick to click is a band that seems to be gaining a huge amount of momentum lately, The Low Anthem. Originally out of Providence, Rhode Island, The Low Anthem are comprised of  Ben Knox Miller, Jeff Prystowsky & Jocie Adams. They are primarily a folk group, but not some dopey hippie musician types. Ben & Jeff (a baseball scholar & Jazz Bassist) met at Brown University as on-air personalities for the college’s commercial alternative formatted station WBRU. Oh & Jocie was a classical composer and NASA technician. Yes, that NASA.

Music seems to be taking on more & more intellectual types, especially Indie/Folk music. Then again, perhaps, music has always had that going for it. The intellegista seem to be the ones with the most to say & many use that forum of music to get their ideas out. Some other notable brilliant musicians are: Greg Graffin, ph. d., vocalist and co-founder of Bad Religion, as well as a life sciences and paleontology lecturer at UCLA & Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard studied Engineering at Western Washington University.

I digress, The Low Anthem is a band you have to get on board with yesterday. Oh My God, Charlie Darwin came out last year, but was remastered & reissued June 9 in the U.S. & will be released June 29 in the U.K.. With a sound reminiscent of Band of Horses meets Simon & Garfunkel, they are seemingly this year’s Dr. Dog or Fleet Foxes as the band that breaks away from the pack.

They have mainstream appeal, but more in the sense of that Silverlake mainstream appeal not the Live 105, Kroq type appeal. Especially Live 105 where resident moron Program Director Dave Numme (see payola scandal of 1998) wouldn’t know a good band it if hit him in the face. They are going to be a very successful band if they stick to their brand & not let success change them as it does so many bands.

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

The Low Anthem – To Ohio


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