You’ll Be Keeping My Legend Alive

A little love on a Sunday. Cody Chesnutt live on the BBC. Here’s a few versions of one of my favorite songs. Cody Chesnutt is the original singer & The Roots covered it with Chesnutt singing the chorus. Thus the 2.0. Personally, I like the Roots version more, but mainly cause ?uestlove is ridiculous on the drums. They’re about the only thing that’s watchable on the Jimmy Fallon show as the house band. That was smartest thing that guy ever did. The Roots happen to be my favorite Hip-Hop group around now, because they exhibit real talent by playing all their instruments, their rhymes are sick & they have a Tuba. If you listen close you can hear it.

Cody ChesnuttThe Seed

The Roots – The Seed 2.0

5 thoughts on “You’ll Be Keeping My Legend Alive

    1. Matty D Post author

      The songs on the site are merely samples of the artists work. If you would like a song please go purchase it. Thanks for reading.

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