Wilco (The Album) – The Review

When Wilco (The Song) came on I had to double check to see if it was Wilco & not Lou Reed that I was listening to. Wilco (The Album) is a cross between Abbey Road & Sally Can’t Dance. It showcases Jeff Tweedy so much more than previous Wilco albums & in my best Martha Stewart voice, “That’s a good thing”.  The album is seemingly more melodic than Sky Blue Sky or Summerteeth.

Wilco (The Album) shows how far Wilco has come as a band since they started as the remaining members of Uncle Tupelo after Jay Farrar’s ego trip. They show their evolution, maturation & the thought that this could be a band with tremendous staying power for years to come. Lead guitarist Nels Cline plays to near hushed perfection, rarely letting loose he is nevertheless relevant among the new sounds Wilco incorporates into this album. Jeff Tweedy has proved, once again, that Wilco is one of the premier acts today & this album is a testament to that.

Wilco w/ Feist – You & I

Wilco – Wilco (The Song)


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