New Releases July 7, 2009

Got some great stuff for you kids this week including Son Volt’s counter to Wilco’s latest release. Don’t think it’s merely a coincidence that these two former bandmates release albums a week apart. This is an out & out competition to see which band will become supreme. Obviously, Wilco has a bit more recognition as Son Volt is a bit more on the country side & is therefore slightly pigeonholed. Nevertheless, they are gaining more & more significance & this is the album that may put them into the mainstream as it were.

In their first release since 1997, Jay Farrar’s Son Volt brings a bit of a softer edge to their newest album American Central Dust. I have long been a fan of Son Volt as much if not more than Wilco (I know sacrilege), but Farrar’s voice is subtle & smooth that it is easily digestible. Like a fine wine or Pabst Blue Ribbon after a bottle of Jameson. DON’T JUDGE ME!  I am pretty excited about this offering an d the two songs that I’ve heard have not disappointed me at all. See for yourself (Thanks to Son Volt management).

Dynamite – Son Volt

Down to the Wire – Son Volt

Continuing the Alt-Country theme we have the Jayhawks releasing an anthology of their 20 greatest hits, well maybe not hits, 20 favorite songs that they enjoy more than other songs they have written. It’s a wonderful look back on some of the more dynamic works of The Jayhawks. This pretty much is an ibid to my previous remarks about Incubus & The Wallflowers. Really? A greatest hits album? I like the Jayhawks quite a bit, but outside of me I’ve met hardly any fans. Let’s refrain from making greatest hits albums unless we actually have some hits that are great. I’ll settle for one hit like Kajagoogoo.


Waiting For The Sun – Jayhawks

This is a band that should be doing a greatest hits. The Donnas around since 1993 are the seminal Female punk band that are bare bones just a three chord solid rock n’ roll extravaganza. They have been one of my favorites acts since I was doing college radio oh so long ago. Before I made the giant leap to my former station Live 105. Oops I spoke the name we dare not say. I digress, this album is worth checking out.

Take it OffThe Donnas


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