Blog Love

Time for something I don’t do nearly enough of & that’s give some love to some solid blogs out there doing some great things.

  • Lately I have been starting to like electronic music a little more. I suppose it was when I saw Steve Aoki at Coachella with my Jose stoned out of our minds just feeling the vibe. With that in mind I heard this mash-up of Telepopmusik’s “Breathe” & Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” on Party CMYK & honestly I can’t stop playing it. It mashes so perfectly, definitely worth a look see.
  • Cover Me is a solid site that is dedicated to, you guessed it, cover songs. I don’t always love everything they do, but the latest posting about The Band’s, Music From the Big Pink is pretty great, especially Wilco & Fleet Foxes covering “I Shall Be Released”.
  • DeMello Theory favorite I am Fuel You Are Friends has a great posting on Crooked Fingers version of Bruce’s (we have stopped referring to him by his full name, you all know who the hell I’m talking about), “The River“. That has to be my favorite blog around today. Nick Hornby was the one who actually turned me onto her when I saw him at a Book signing in L.A. awhile back. We started talking music & blogs & such and he mentioned Fuel/Friends and I was hooked. Brilliant.
  • The Rising Storm wrote a great piece about forgotten 70’s country singer Mickey Newbury.
  • Being a huge fan of Leadbelly I was insanely happy to see River’s Invitation put one of my favorite Leadbelly songs, “Titanic” on it’s page.
  • Hearkening back to what has turned out to be a bit of a Beatles Theme today, Rawkblog has a bootleg of Elliot Smith covering “I’m So Tired” off the White Album.

2 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. Nicolas

    A huge fan of Leadbelly can’t be a bad guy.

    Thanks for linkin’ to me, and it gave me the opportunity of visiting your blog. Going through it, I was like “it must be someone I already know” !
    Great job, great references.

    Now you’re on my blogroll. And I’ll probably do a series of posts about Lead’s story. If I could I’d write a whole book about it.



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