I Really Want to See You

Jim James, using the moniker Yim Yames has released his long awaited EP covering George Harrison songs, but only on his website. Must’ve been hard for Ringo to be surrounded by such brilliant musicians. To think that out of that band, The Beatles, came some of the most amazing music in the American/British lexicon. Three of those guys Paul McCartney, John Lennon & George Harrison (who may be the most talented of the bunch) are in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame aside from their recognitions for being in the Beatles.

Jim or Yim does a remarkable job of covering George Harrison without becoming a caricature. I do wish he had covered “Got My Mind Set on You” but we can’t be too picky. I suppose since it wasn’t written by George that it wouldn’t really be a tribute. Regardless, here are some great songs by Jim/Yim James/Yames & George Harrison, plus two videos of “Got my Mind Set on You”.

Long, Long, Long – Yim Yames

My Sweet Lord – Yim Yames

All Things Must Pass – Yim Yames

Behind That Locked Door – Yim Yames

George Harrison after the video.

My Sweet Lord – Geoorge Harrison

All Things Must Pass – George Harrison

Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison

All Things Must Pass (Rooftop Concert) – The Beatles

All Things Must Pass (Demo) – The Beatles

Long, Long, Long – The Beatles

One thought on “I Really Want to See You

  1. Mom

    He’s the under appreciated one. Always was overshadowed by John and Paul. Fun to see the old videos.


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