There’s Nowhere You Can Be That Isn’t Where You’re Meant To Be

This is a good year for Beatles fans…Paul McCartney plays Coachella, a solid retrospective of George Harrison’s career comes out & in September the shit really hits the fan with the remastered versions of every Beatles album plus the 2 Past Masters CDs. Now, I find out that on all those albums will have a mini-documentary on it. This from

We are showing for the first time exclusively on an excerpt from the new mini-documentary about the making of the album Revolver. The mini-doc is one of 13 short films that are featured on the each of the remastered albums we are releasing on 09.09.09. Each film is narrated by the Beatles and Sir George Martin and illustrates how that particular album was created. Click HERE to watch.

Hopefully, this is all a prelude to the Beatles putting their music on-line which would just catapult them into a new stratosphere for younger fans. So to honor this I thought I’d add a minor bootleg from The Beatles from my collection. Especially, since I haven’t posted all week cause my computer needed a severe tune-up. Anyway, the bootleg is from outtakes of  the Magical Mystery Tour Sessions & the live “All You Need is Love” Television Broadcast.

Penny Lane (Brass Overdub)

Penny Lane (Mono Mix)

Baby You’re a Rich Man

Jessie’s Dream (Film Music)

Magical Mystery Tour

All You Need is Love (TV Broadcast)

Your Mother Should Know

Hello Goodbye

Strawberry Fields Forever

5 thoughts on “There’s Nowhere You Can Be That Isn’t Where You’re Meant To Be

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  2. Mikel J

    Thank you. I’ve been looking around for the trumpet ending version of this song for a long time. This entire page is Great!
    Mikel J

  3. Krista

    Hey- Tried to download Jessie’s dream (wanted more of them, but…) site is saying you’re out of bandwidth. Any chance you can email me with these?


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