Blazin’ on A Sunny Afternoon

It’s hot as the surface of the sun in Hollywood today & if you’re not aware I hate heat. I love rain & mid-temperatures. Why live in L.A. then? Yeah, good question cause, in my opinion L.A. has the best music scene in the U.S. Every band inevitably rolls through L.A. & the women are ridiculously beautiful as well. The trick is to rummage through the vapid ones (usually actresses) to get to the quality ones (Usually not from L.A.). L.A. has everything at  your fingertips. So once you get past the idiots & the heat it’s a town that is easily consumed.

See L.A. is much like blogging. There are bloggers who refrain from anything remotely mainstream, not because they don’t like, but because it’s not considered cool. Fuck cool I like good music. Mainstream, indie, underground, the guy on the corner with a saxophone (the guy by the Hollywood Bowl that smoked me out rocked). Music should not have a designation that makes it cool. It’s all personal preference. Like my personal preference means you’ll never hear Dave Matthews Band, Phish, She Wants Revenge or Jason Mraz on this blog. The reason is because my personal preference is that all these bands are awful at making music. Jason Mraz is really the worst “musician” around today. I wish he got amnesia tomorrow, forgot he was a musician & went off & cured Cat Herpes or something.  That being said enjoy some songs while boiling. Hopefully, you’re in air conditioning like me.

Sunday Morning Comin’ Down – Kris Kristofferson

Los Angeles – Sugarcult

Indian Summer – The Doors

A Sunday Smile – Beirut

To Live & Die in L.A. – Tupac Shakur

Heat – Common

Church on Sunday – Green Day

Downtown L.A. – J.J. Cale

Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks


Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash


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