Cause I’m Done Forever It’s You & Me Forever

Was having one of those state of music discussions with a friend of mine & The Avett Brothers came up. As they should! The thing my friend spoke of was the wholesome sound & how he worried that with their new album being their major label debut would diminish that sound that has basically set them apart from any other band out there. At one point they remind me of the Beatles, at another any bluegrass band from the 60s, but most times they are wholly original.

I decided that we should come up with a best of mix-tape of The Avett’s to post. the dilemma then becomes what songs do you choose? I decided that we would write our ten favorite songs on a piece of papel (that’s paper in Spanish, sometimes I think in Spanish, but brken Spanish cause I’m not fluent), see which ones matched up then offer expanations as to why the others are worthy of being on the mix-tape. Seems like alot of work, but it’s worth it.

10 – I & Love & You – Their major label debut single is one of their best ever already.

9 – Swept Away – A banjo infused song that makes me long for a porch, a glass of iced tea & a solid sunset.

8 – When I Drink – Who hasn’t felt the exact same thing? At least those who drink more than occasionally know what it’s like to be a jerk when you drink. Maybe that’s just me & the Avett’s.

7 – If It’s the Beaches – A sad song about a relationship crumbling & the desperate, drastic steps one takes to keep the love of their life.

6 – Matrimony – A continuation of sorts from “If It’s the Beaches”, but a bit more pointed. This is their ode to the Everly Brothers if not intentionally, stylistically.

5 – Left on Laura Left on Lisa – A song about giving your heart to someone full & openly & having it stomped on…a reoccurring theme.

4 – Pretty Girl From Chile – In my opinion, the best of their Pretty Girl Songs as it almost is two songs in one with a grandiose transition after the message.

3 – The Weight of Lies – Almost like a father talking to his son, reminding him that lying follows you wherever you go.

2 – Salina – An ode to a band on the road’s cities. Saying goodbye to them and describing their feelings.

1 – Colorshow – The best Avett Brothers song & it’s not even close. This raucous, brooding, chair stomping anthem to individuality is a sign that the band will not conform to any radio norms or be anything other than the fantastic band they have been throughout their whole career.


Glory Days – Being the huge Bruce Springsteen fan that I am it was incredible to hear the Avett’s cover this tune & they do an admirable job.


One thought on “Cause I’m Done Forever It’s You & Me Forever

  1. Matthew Taylor

    I love the recordings you’ve selected. There are one or two I must find before I can make my complete mix CD. However, I would like to propose my recommendation.

    “The Ballad of Love and Hate”

    Sure, the song is a downer; but it is beautiful played and sang (as usual) but the story that unfolds out in your imagination is something very few songs can match.


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