Punk on a Sunday

When I was in High School I was surrounded by Hip-Hop kids & naturally gravitated towards that, but when I left H.S. that all changed. The kids I hung out with were punk rock kids & I found my niche. I loved the three chord anthems, the speed, the noise, the anger, all of it. We’d Go to Koo’s Cafe & watch bands playing those cranked out punk songs like they were lighting matches, just ferociously grinding away against the perceived establishment.

I started really loving the whole scene & while I was never a “gutter punk” I did wear punk styled attire. It was a glorious time. I despise people that rail against punk rockers not having talent. It’s the emotion in those three strangled chords that shows how great the talent it. So today on this excruciatingly hot Sunday I offer you punk anthems that I love.

I Don’t Want to Grow Up (Tom Waits Cover) – The Ramones

Substitute – Sex Pistols

Last Caress – The Misfits

London Calling – The Clash

The Handshake – Bad Religion

2000 Light Years Away – Green Day

The Man I Killed – NOFX

Bro Hymn – Pennywise

Prison Bound – Social Distortion

You’ve Done Nothing – Face to Face


I know posted this a few weeks back & I hate repeating myself, but the site I had it on clearly is maxed out of bandwidth so here’s a chick punk song for your listening pleasure.

Take It Off – The Donnas

For my Irish Lads & Lass (I am half Irish after all).

Amazing Grace – Dropkick Murphy’s

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