Jeff “Woody” Fife & His Fight with the Truth

After listening to The Woody & Rizzuto Show on Wednesday morning in hopes of gathering a little info for the alleged interview Woody said he would do (more on this later) I came away feeling the show to be hokey & unimaginative. In other words, perfect for the 50th rated market in the U.S. While I did like Rizzuto I found that the chemistry between the two wasn’t there. Often times when a host is not good enough to carry a show on his own, like Jeff is obviously not good enough to, they will pair him with a girl or someone who is appealing to the audience more than just two frat guys talking about reality shows that involve fat chicks and almost crying.

There was a ton of music played & frankly it was just boring. Now, I’m sure the show will get better, cause the only way it could get worse is if Ravey showed up & took up half of the studio with her largess. Here’s the thing, though, if they can’t attract listeners now then how will they in the future. Is Woody really in this thing for the long haul or is he still preoccupied with Live 105? He refuses to keep his word & be interviewed though I have tried numerous times to contact him. It seems that while he enjoys deriding his former station he can not bring himself to keep his word (wouldn’t be the first time Woody has lied, for instance ratting yours truly out to management for playing a song off the list then denying he said anything when Spud told me he did & telling management that he felt Leanne was feeding me stories when in actuality it was his former board op Brian among others) & tell what truly happened over at Live 105 to those willing to listen. It seems that while there were those who went to bat for Woody when he was surreptitiously fired, for what seemed to be the most trivial of reasons (though it has never been clarified) he insists on being the same ungrateful miscreant he once was at Live 105 by lying & obfuscating his intentions.

While Woody buries himself in his misdeeds where will those people be when he is let go from this job as he was in Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Francisco & St. Louis the first time. It seems Woody did not remember the Golden Rule of Radio & that is “Be kind to people on the way up…..because you’ll meet them again on the way down.” After being in the #4 market in the country Woody finds himself living in his In-Laws home, without his so-called best friends Ravey & Tony, with a new child & in a sub-par market & he has the audacity to blow people off? It’ll be a much harder fall this time time down, Jeff. Enjoy it while it lasts. Here’s a tip: take some night classes at the local community college, learn a trade, maybe you could become a welder. Welder’s make good money.

15 thoughts on “Jeff “Woody” Fife & His Fight with the Truth

  1. That Woody Guy

    Hey Matty…..Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I’ve just been real busy getting the new show up and running. Anyway, I read your latest blog entry and I wanted to take a minute to respond to a couple things you mentioned.

    1) I got fired in Pittsburgh when that station got bought by another company and the new company flipped the format to Jazz. We were all laid off. It was sad. For a 18yr old guy to lose his on air job, in a major city (market #19 at the time) it was devastating.

    2) St. Louis is market #20 according to Arbitron (the company who measures radio listening and publishes ratings) To your credit, you weren’t TOTALLY wrong….the info you found to tell you St. Louis was market #50 was close……it’s actually the 52nd largest city (by population) based on the # of people who live IN THE CITY…..NOT the total population of the metro (city and burbs) which is how RADIO MARKETS are ranked. Don’t get it?…..I’ll explain…..I know you “professional” bloggers and people on the outside of the industry might have a hard time understanding the difference.


    -San Francisco is the #4 RADIO market, however, it’s the 14th largest CITY (again, based solely on the population of the CITY, not the metro) in the US.

    -San Jose on the other hand is the 10th LARGEST CITY in the US, but when it comes to radio markets it’s only market #35! Wow. Crazy huh… even though SJ is a BIGGER CITY than SF, San Francisco is the larger radio market. Why? Because the city of San Jose is INCLUDED in the make up of the San Francisco radio market (the metro).

    Anyway, back to my current market…..St. Louis…..yes, based on the number of people who LIVE IN THE CITY, St. Louis (or as we locals call it, “The Lou”) is the 52nd largest city. However, since NOBODY here wants to live in the shitty downtown area, everyone lives in the burbs……not hip by any means, but that’s what makes the population of THE METRO so much bigger and makes St. Louis the 20th largest RADIO MARKET in the country.

    Hopefully that clears up any confusion.

    3) Let’s talk about your thoughts about my new show. You commented that you found it to be “hokey & unimaginative.” Fair enough, I’m open to your criticism..

    I’ll give you this: I HAVE been a little preoccupied. Since April 1st I’ve been looking for jobs, getting my entire life in San Francisco packed up and moved into storage, flying all over the country interviewing for the jobs I was up for, going to baby showers for my wife…..OH YEAH…..almost forgot….my wife was in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy during this time, then we HAD the baby, and we’ve been taking care of the new baby, all the while negotiating my new contract at my NEW job, HOUSE SHOPPING, moving all our stuff to St. Louis, shipping a car, and getting my NEW show up and running. My bad. I can assure you however, that I have not been at all preoccupied with Live 105.

    Ok, it’s time for me to roll. Gotta eat some dinner, give the baby a bath, and then get to bed. After all I have to get up early to bore the people in the 52nd largest city in the country in order to earn that shoddy 6 figure salary. One more thing though……yes it’s true…..we ARE staying with my in-laws until we can move into our house. However, I’ll have you know that we have our OWN ENTRANCE to the basement, with a 1/2 bath (I prefer to call it a powder room) and our own TV! Its super sweet…….and free…….so don’t knock it man……it could be worse I could be living with Dave Numme.

    Take care Matty, and thanks again for STILL thinking of me.


    PS- I LOVE the blog.

    1. Matty D Post author

      Woody is & forever will be close to my heart. Always the class act he is now where he belongs in the armpit of America. Enjoy the midworst, Jeff. That line about Numme is hilarious, though. Didn’t realize you were a homophobe but rock on, Jeff. Prediction…Jeff lasts max 2 years in this market before he’s canned again. He’s just not good enough to sustain a decent following. In 5 years he’ll be doing Armed Forces Radio from Guam, divorced, pushing 300lbs. How insecure is this douche bag if he has to quantify his suck-cess by announcing how much he makes. Just another wanna be Man-Cow.

      1. Janay

        Really? Can i check back in a year then? Cause the show is doing awesome and i love him with rizz. We don’t have man-cow yet, BUT we do have man-balls masters. XD They sure as hell aren’t the same as the other radio stations out there. Its awesome. I loooove it. Makes me love saint louis more, even though I had to move to fulton for school and now have to listen on the radio online….cause who wants to listen to columbia radio stations….

        Btw if he DOES go to armed forces radio, how does a civilian listen? Cause yah know I still got four years of school left and columbia radio stations are utterly crappy….i mean deadly crappy and make me want to commit suicide XD

      2. Truth Hurts

        Your predictions aren’t happening. It’s funny how that always happens to the predictions of know-it-all California idiots. I apologize if you’re some other type of idiot, but I’ve never heard of you, I’m just assuming based on the Live 105 talk. So, congrats on being one of those people that has made one of the most beautiful places in the world a terrible place to live. I’ll certainly stick with my rolling green Missouri hills and meandering rivers, especially since there’s very few pricks like you roaming around them.

        1. JASON

          Its their three year reunion at the station yesterday, and they have the best ratings in STL.. Best show by far in the area, and woody even had one of the best prank calls today, LEGENDARY.. go check it out buddy

          1. Kristen Clark

            going on 2014 now. funny how that works. I love Woody. I’ve been a fan of him and miss Ravey for years. and these people are only a few of the haters amongst his thousands of fans. ❤

        2. Woody is Gay

          Woody is garbage. Rizz is fine in his own right, but Woody is the least talented, most insecure, fattest slob on air in STL. He constantly shoves his opinion down everyone’s throat and if someone outsmarts him in an argument, he will hang up and completely avoid it. When this contract is up hell be gone. Thank god.

      3. Adam

        This reply is over 4 years after the original comment, but I felt it needed to be addressed. Namely:

        You were wrong as fuck. Woody and Rizz became the highest rated morning show in St. Louis history, beating all of it’s competitors during its run.

        And now Woody is leaving the Woody and Rizz show. Not because he’s been fired, but because he got an offer to host a show in mother fucking LA.

        You were wrong as fuck

  2. lisa

    We miss you in SF!!!!!!

    Today Sarah and Vinnie were suspended, not sure for what. I think it was about a comment that was deemed inappropriate.

  3. JVaughn

    Rizz is good – Woody has always been a lackluster as far as talent goes. His show is just downright stupid and I truly miss the music that use to be played when he was not present, uhhhh the good ole days. Can’t wait for him to be gone… AGAIN lol!!!

  4. JG

    Hmmm…2013 and the show with the best ratings in STL. So Matty, on behalf of the WAR Ninjas, you are the honorary Douchebag of the Day! PRICK BE TRIPPIN, Suck It I’m Out.

  5. Brandon

    I’ll give you this, Woody did brings Ravey along (eventually), the show is still on and they’re still number one. Jeff may be an asshole, but you are also terribly wrong.


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