Two Guns – Pick to Click

I haven’t done one of my picks to click in awhile. One of my former favorite Indie bands were Fielding, a Coldplayesque type band with more musical talent. They’ve since disbanded & the general malaise has been filled by old stand-bys with a few new bands rising above the fray to catch my attention.

Fret not, though, because Kevin, Aaron and Adam are former members of Fielding & Chris Fudurich was Fielding’s producer and is an accomplished Los Angeles based muliti-instrumentalist, producer and engineer. They are now members of Two Guns.

Unlike Fielding, there is no distinct comparison that comes to mind. They are their own entity. Which incredibly rare in this day & age when everyone sounds like everybody else. With shoegazing sounds that make you feel like your floating on a mushroom trip (definitely not speaking form experience) Two Guns go miles beyond where Fielding ever could. Kevin Poush is the lead singer now & makes the most of the opportunity with a voice suited for this style. The vocals are subdued, never overpowering, never trying to outdo the music & lyrics that are beautifully arranged to the melodies.

Two Guns are not merely a band that plays to make it. They play with the passion & love for the music that propels bands into that stratosphere. A lot of people could’ve packed in when the rising star that was Fielding was folded by songwriter Eric Balmer, but they didn’t nor did they rush into the next project & put out a sub par album. They took over a year to put out their next album as Two Guns & focused on making it the unsurpassable achievement that it is.Check out their Eponymous album on iTunes .

Kevin will be playing an acoustic thing at the Prospector on August 24 (My birthday).  Two Guns will be at Spaceland, October 18. There will be more between those two, possibly Aug 27 @ Silver Factory Studios in Downtown LA.

Cave In – Two Guns

Locomotives – Two Guns

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