She Said That Living With Me Was Bringing Her Down

So this is Beatles Week at The De Mello Theory & the Beatles are in fact my favorite band of all time. Their music is timeless. Who else but the Beatles could climb up on the roof at No. 3 Saville Row, the Apple Corps HQ? No one. The Beatles are in the truest sense the epitome of rock stars. 3 of the 4 (George Harrison, Paul McCartney & John Lennon) went on to successful solo careers & Ringo played in numerous bands as drummer even though his drumming during the Beatle years seemed to be shallow and rather pedantic.

So to kick off the Beatles remasters, the Beatles Rockband & the possible addition of the Beatles to iTunes I will be dedicating this week to a slew of Beatles bootlegs & stories. On Thursday I will post a very special and long sought after Beatles Bootleg to the long suffering masses. Today, however, is one of my favorite Beatles concerts of all time Live at Shea ’65. This is the entire concert straight through with no break in between tracks. A great concert!


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