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His Bodyguards & Silver Cane Were No Match For The Jack of Hearts

I have been on a Bob Dylan kick lately & it pretty much culminated in me listening to Blood on the Tracks & reading about this was about Dylan’s marriage & divorce to his wife Sara. It is a brilliant album, perhaps my favorite as it holds at times a melancholic view of the relationship & at others a romantic nostalgic view of something that meant a great deal to him at least at one point.

A few years they toyed with the idea of getting remarried but it never happened. All 10 songs on the album were originally recorded at New York City sessions produced by Phil Ramone. With Columbia set to release the LP, Dylan pulled back at the last minute, and at year’s end re-recorded five of its songs in Minneapolis with a crew of area session musicians assembled by his brother, David Zimmerman. All but one (“Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts”) of the scrapped New York songs have seen official release. The New York version of “You’re a Big Girl Now” was released on 1985’s Biograph. The other three (“Tangled Up in Blue”, “Idiot Wind”, and “If You See Her, Say Hello”) were released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1-3 in 1991. Also included on that box set was “Call Letter Blues”, an outtake from the New York sessions.

Dylan’s fans theorize endlessly about his reasons for revamping the album, with one unconfirmed view being that the musical feel of the album had been monotonous, with too many songs in the same key and the same languid rhythm. It has also been said that, just two weeks before the release of Blood on the Tracks, Dylan played an acetate of the record for his brother, his ensuing comments leading Dylan to re-cut the album.

Told of the album’s lasting popularity, Dylan was later to say (in a radio interview by Mary Travers): “A lot of people tell me they enjoy that album. It’s hard for me to relate to that. I mean, it, you know, people enjoying the type of pain, you know?”


THE NEW YORK SESSIONS of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks is this week’s bootleg Thursday post. It has quite a few different recordings of classic songs that many will find enlightening or different but not monotonous in any way. This includes Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts which before today has been previously unreleased.

Tangled Up in Blue

Simple Twist of Fate

You’re a Big Girl Now

Idiot Wind

You’re Gonna Make me Lonesome When You Go

Meet Me in the Morning

Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts

If You See Her Say Hello

Shelter From the Storm

Buckets of Rain



This from the AP,

The story that a little boy had floated away in a giant helium balloon was a hoax concocted to land a reality television show, authorities said Sunday, and the boy’s parents will likely face felony charges.The stunt two weeks in the planning was a marketing ploy by Richard and Mayumi Heene, who met in acting school in Hollywood and have appeared on the ABC reality show “Wife Swap,” Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said. The Heenes have reportedly been working on a reality TV deal in Los Angeles.

Excuse the language, but Fuck these people. I wasted my time watching this fucking balloon thinking some kid was in there & wasting my feelings & good will & even though I’m pretty much Agnostic with a hint of Atheism I spoke aloud,”please don’t let anything happen to this little boy.” & it was a fucking hoax!!!??? I hope they nail these mother fuckers to the wall. Wah! they’ll put they’re kids in an orphanage!! Good!

Any shit bag that takes pleasure in exploiting & teaching his kids to lie, trick & be deceitful enough to lie to an astounding amount of good natured people who watched in horror as this balloon coasted through the sky with the thought that a 6 year old was inside deserves to lose their fuckin’ kids. I have 0 sympathy for them in any regard. I have wasted all my sympathy & hopeful thoughts on a hoax. Nothing angers me more than being lied to & deceive

Felix Adler once said, “The human race may be compared to a writer. At the outset a writer has often only a vague general notion of the plan of his work, and of the thought he intends to elaborate. As he proceeds, penetrating his material, laboring to express himself fitly, he lays a firmer grasp on his thought; he finds himself. So the human race is writing its story, finding itself, discovering its own underlying purpose, revising, recasting a tale pathetic often, yet none the less sublime.”

Is this our base essence? Have we devolved to this extreme?  Is this what the extremely rapid evolution of Technology has come down to?

or is it more like Gandhi said, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”?

Are these just bad drops in the larger ocean? Are people inherently good, but with distractions they become misdirected? What will the future inhabitants of this Earth think of us compared to past generations? The 60’s are revered as a tenuous era in a radically changing society. What will we be known for Jon & Kate…Perez Hilton…fucking balloon boy?

I Want My MTV

Watching the circus that was the MTV Video Music Awards a couple weeks back & that the ruckus that was caused by a certain rapper over a certain video brought MTV once again back into the limelight. This article, however, is not about Kanye West, Beyonce Knowles or the VMA’s. All of that has been discussed ad nauseum to the point of Jay Leno asking about Kanye’s deceased mother. No, what this is about is the hypocrisy of MTV. How is it that a channel that started a revolution in music by “Killing the Radio Star” has an awards show honoring videos when they no longer show videos?

What happened to MTV? How did it get so bad, so fast? Remember watching Nirvana Unplugged in New York a few months after Kurt died & wondering what might have been? This was must see TV for Generation X & left an indelible mark on our brains about what music should sound like. MTV made stars of artists who in an age of visualization were savvy enough to carve out an image for themselves.
Now, though, MTV & VH1 have devolved into fodder for late night television & the blogosphere with their sub-moronic scripted reality shows that are killing brain cells every moment they are on. VH1 has become a haven for washed up 80’s musicians like Bret Michaels who intend on extending that 15 minutes of fame to cash in on whatever remaining seconds of popularity they have left.

Consequently, MTV has lost all credibility in the music world as they can no longer call themselves a viable music network. They broke the mold on Music related programming like Headbanger’s Ball & YO! MTV Raps. They owned the market on music related content like TRL which was the quintessential standard for pop music in the late 90’s early 00’s. For better or worse MTV created a niche for itself that made artists take notice & reinvent themselves.

Now, it’s shows like The Hills or True Life (which is anything but) that dominate MTV’s viewership. I’m not some old guy longing for the days when music was played on a phonograph. There is a place for original programming. The Real World was seminal in starting the reality show craze we see today, for better or worse & created one of the best seasons of television with the Judd Winick, Pedro season. it was when they started to focus strictly on reality though & stopped caring about the music.

Would Billy Idol have been the huge star he was in the 80’s if we hadn’t watched him in “White Wedding”? Would Madonna be anybody today if she hadn’t dressed up like Marilyn Monroe for “Material Girl”? Would Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, have created the huge grunge explosion if it weren’t for watching “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Jeremy” or “Black Hole Sun” on MTV? Perhaps, but they would not have enjoyed the type of success they achieved if it weren’t for the double marketing of videos & music.

MTV shaped a generation, giving greater appreciation for the duality of Music & Film. It became a brand, a standard for current trends. You could see what your favorite artist was wearing in a video & emulate it. Sure there’s You Tube & artists still post videos up there, but it isn’t like it was. Coming home from school to watch videos while doing my homework was a favorite past time of mine as a teenager & now all of that it gone. Much like Dire Straits who said in their classic song/video “Money For Nothing”, “I want my MTV”. The difference is, my MTV is dead.

The Screen Door Slams Angelina’s Dress Waves

Bruce Springsteen has been a favorite of mine since I can remember. His music more than any other artist since Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger best describes America. The heartbreaking feeling one gets when you listen to a sad Bruce song or the exuberant feeling you get in a happy Bruce song is palpable in everything he does. Bruce Springsteen is a brilliant musician & lyricist.

So to show you an example of that brilliance on this Bootleg Thursday I offer you one of the earliest performances of Bruce Springsteen, 1975 at The Main Point on Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

The Main Point was formed in 1964 by Jeanette Campbell as a small folk-based coffeehouse venue. The venue was popular among both musicians and listeners. Dan Fogelberg cited the venue as one of his two favorite places to perform.

The venue was popular for not only its music, but also for its homemade food and homebaked goods. The venue constantly ran into financial troubles related to its intimate size (ironically, its size was what made it so popular). Musicians gave benefit concerts for the coffeehouse to help it out of its financial straits. Some of these concerts were broadcast over the local progressive rock radio station WMMR, and many well known bootleg recordings have been made from these performances. The Main Point finally closed its doors in 1981.

The caliber of the performers, coupled with the intimate venue, resulted in many memorable performances. One concert stands out as a particularly legendary event. On February 5, 1975, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band played at The Main Point. Springsteen played for 160 minutes, offering epic versions of “New York City Serenade” and “For You”. The concert also featured the first live performance of “Thunder Road”, under its earlier title, “Wings for Wheels”. The concert was given as a benefit, broadcast over WMMR, and hosted by deejay Ed Sciaky.

Bruce Springsteen February 5, 1975 at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Incident of 57th Street

Mountain of Love (first performance)

Born to Run

Intro to E-Street Shuffle

E-Street Shuffle

Wings for Wheels (Would later become Thunder Road – First performance)

I Want You (Bob Dylan Cover)

Spirit in the Night

She’s the One

Growin’ Up

It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City


Kitty’s Back

New York City Serenade

Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy)

A Love So Fine

For You

Back In The USA (Chuck Berry cover)