This from the AP,

The story that a little boy had floated away in a giant helium balloon was a hoax concocted to land a reality television show, authorities said Sunday, and the boy’s parents will likely face felony charges.The stunt two weeks in the planning was a marketing ploy by Richard and Mayumi Heene, who met in acting school in Hollywood and have appeared on the ABC reality show “Wife Swap,” Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said. The Heenes have reportedly been working on a reality TV deal in Los Angeles.

Excuse the language, but Fuck these people. I wasted my time watching this fucking balloon thinking some kid was in there & wasting my feelings & good will & even though I’m pretty much Agnostic with a hint of Atheism I spoke aloud,”please don’t let anything happen to this little boy.” & it was a fucking hoax!!!??? I hope they nail these mother fuckers to the wall. Wah! they’ll put they’re kids in an orphanage!! Good!

Any shit bag that takes pleasure in exploiting & teaching his kids to lie, trick & be deceitful enough to lie to an astounding amount of good natured people who watched in horror as this balloon coasted through the sky with the thought that a 6 year old was inside deserves to lose their fuckin’ kids. I have 0 sympathy for them in any regard. I have wasted all my sympathy & hopeful thoughts on a hoax. Nothing angers me more than being lied to & deceive

Felix Adler once said, “The human race may be compared to a writer. At the outset a writer has often only a vague general notion of the plan of his work, and of the thought he intends to elaborate. As he proceeds, penetrating his material, laboring to express himself fitly, he lays a firmer grasp on his thought; he finds himself. So the human race is writing its story, finding itself, discovering its own underlying purpose, revising, recasting a tale pathetic often, yet none the less sublime.”

Is this our base essence? Have we devolved to this extreme?  Is this what the extremely rapid evolution of Technology has come down to?

or is it more like Gandhi said, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”?

Are these just bad drops in the larger ocean? Are people inherently good, but with distractions they become misdirected? What will the future inhabitants of this Earth think of us compared to past generations? The 60’s are revered as a tenuous era in a radically changing society. What will we be known for Jon & Kate…Perez Hilton…fucking balloon boy?

One thought on “HOAX!!!!

  1. Bobby J

    I could not agree more!!! I thought of it as a bit of a Darwin Award on the basis that he was in there…….maybe I’m a dick, but on the long term I can’t believe what his parents pulled off!!! JAIL THEM ALL!!!


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