The Sun Will Always Shine

I have this standing offer to any band to send me some of their material & I will listen to it & give a fair critique. Now, obviously I won’t love everything & there are times where I will downright hate it (see: Jonathan Levi Band), but for whatever it’s worth I will always be fair. That’s where the Goodbye’s come in…I was actually tweeted about their existence. Someone said you should check this band out. Then while looking for them noticed that they were already following me…small world.

I would love to say they’re from here or their first gig was here, but honestly I can not seem to find out much information about them except that right now they are unsigned. That’s a mistake that I’m sure will be rectified. They have a very distinct sound that cuts through the malaise that seems to be enveloping the music world right now. To me they’re very reminiscent of Sugar Cult, but when they became good not when they were a pop-punk nightmare.

The Goodbyes are a band that exemplifies what the post-punk era should be about while still sticking to a under 4 minute song formula. I thoroughly enjoy their album & I’m sure you will as well. Check them out here & here.

Maybe – The Goodbyes

Penny – The Goodbyes

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