Yellow Red Sparks Review

I love music & for the most part like going to shows or concerts. I’ve seen Yellow Red Sparks twice in the past week. First at Hotel Cafe then Thursday at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. I couldn’t have been more surprised with what I saw Thursday though & not in a good way. It turned out to be the mirror image of what I saw the first show. Same set list, Same jokes, same everything coming off nearly like a choreographed recital rather than a live musical performance. The band is extremely talented, they have good music & good harmonies, but they are horribly formulaic & very cocky for a band that has yet to come out with a CD.

This was evident in the interview I attempted to conduct with them after their “performance”. It was set it up ahead of time with the band that we would do the interview after they played. When I questioned the bassist why he used a stand up bass instead of an electric one I received a “no comment” with a snicker. I’ve interviewed many bands in my life & not once have I ever received a no comment when talking about music. When you get personal then they shy away from questions because it isn’t their comfort zone. Music should be.

YRS are the opposite. They have an inordinate amount of minutiae they spew relentlessly which is seemingly an attempt to create some kind of mysterious persona rather than concentrating on just making good music. They have been making their current album for 2 1/2 years. The thing is they’re good, not great yet, but good with potential to explode. Right now, though, their shtick is tiresome & is detrimental to their development as a successful band. You can throw Green Day, The Beatles or even Ryan Adams somewhat play that kooky persona, but I contend that not at first. It wasn’t until popularity came that they marketed themselves differently. And in the case of Ryan Adams it has seemingly hampered his escalation after his breakthrough album Gold.

This band right now does not have the maturity to make it over the long haul. Perhaps, that will change or this will be another band that breaks up after 3 years cause everybody needs to get a real job.


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