One More For The Soul-Madded Dreamers

For this Bootleg Thursday I thought I’d put up one of my favorite current bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I saw them play a number of times when I was at Live 105 in San Francisco & they are so intense it really makes for quite the experience. Peter Hayes, previously of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, put BRMC together along with Nick Jago (who eventually was kicked out of the band) in 1998 & were quickly signed & eventually dropped by Virgin. That’s as much of a background I’ll give about them. I’ve never been one into giving a whole band’s bio just to get to the point that I can introduce them.

This particularly piece is from March 19, 2006 at the Triple Door in Seattle.What’s fascinating about BRMC is that they could’ve easily been a band in the ’60’s & nothing would be different. They have that attitude of rebellion, a folk/blues mix about them that screams defiance towards current ridiculous trends. This concert is acoustic so it really highlights Hayes’ voice & solid guitar playing. Also, they do a fantastic cover of Bob Dylan’s “Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll”. Definitely, a concert worth listening to.

A little fun fact about them is that they have something in common with the Beatles, in that they also got their name from Marlon Brando’s movie “The Wild One”. The Beatles got their name when Lee Marvin Says, ” Ever since the club split up, I miss you. We all missed ya… you miss ‘im? yea. The Beetles missed ya. All the Beetles missed ya.” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the name of Brando’s club in the movie.


The Promise

Restless Sinner

Complicated Situation

U.S. Government

Shuffle Your Feet

Shuffle your Feet (Audience Interaction Remix)

Love Burns

Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

Fault Line


Ain’t No Easy Way

Devil’s Waitin’

Feel It Now


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