The Things You Can’t Remember Tell The Things You Can’t Forget

Recently I’ve tried to reacquaint myself with a friend, but it seems like time has been ever allusive once again. I’ve just started a new job working nights basically & she works in an industry that demands a lot of time & energy. If it were a romantic thing I probably wouldn’t be as interested in making time, but good friends are hard to find so I don’t feel like I’m wasting said time. That’s the thing about everything isn’t it? Time…we all feel our time is valuable, but with different designations.

Sure my time is wasted when I have to wait 2 minutes for the next green light, but not when I choose to wait in line for an hour at a club. It’s how we use our time that determines whether or not we are wasting it. When our time is taken by unforeseen circumstances or against our will (See: D.M.V.) that’s when we complain about our time being wasted. Tom Waits wrote a beautiful opus  called “Time” on his brilliant album Rain Dogs. It speaks to the mere passage of time & how it affects life in general.

And they all pretend they’re orphans and their memory’s like a train
You can see it getting smaller as it pulls away
And the things you can’t remember tell the things you can’t forget
That history puts a saint in every dream

Essentially, what Waits is saying is that time is this villain with it’s various definitions. It’s desolate & unforgiving, but it’s there or as the sang goes “Time waits for no man” & isn’t it so true. The wheel of time rolls along throughout the ages & it consumes everything it comes into contact with. We fight time like a disease with Botox & face lifts to make us feel like we’ll live forever. We all want that little slice of immortality, but such thoughts are counterintuitive to the human experience. We are prolonging our lives simply to prolong them, but not to really contribute anything except space.

Often it takes tragedies for people to realize how precious time is, but then as quickly as it happened those thoughts are gone. I’m no hippie. This is not me on my soapbox telling you how to act or to stop everything & count the seconds of your day. My point is to make your time here matter, to choose who & what you spend your time with wisely. Those are the hardest choices to make. We are on this mortal coil for only so long & spending that time wisely is an utter necessity.

Enjoy your life, do things you love, wait for good people & shed the bad ones. Look around for just a few more minutes to experience all the things beautiful & ugly that make life what it is. See the people in your life for what they are: flawed creatures with the same problems & issues & stresses as you. Realize that we all suffer from the evils & beauty of time.

As Tom Waits said:

And it’s time time time, and it’s time time time
And it’s time time time that you love
And it’s time time time

Time – Tom Waits – Rain Dogs


2 thoughts on “The Things You Can’t Remember Tell The Things You Can’t Forget

  1. Jacquelyn

    To link together this post and the one from January 8th – the most wonderful day for giving us the brilliance of David Bowie – below are some lyrics from his song “Time”. I’ve decided that every moment in life has a corresponding Bowie song. Well, rather, every moment in my life has. Agreed, time does pass us quickly but it’s better than not passing us at all.

    Time… He’s waiting in the wings
    He speaks of senseless thing
    His script is you and me, boy


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