Who Knows Why You Wanna Lay There & Revel In Your Abandon

For this Bootleg Saturday I have decided to share a favorite concert of mine. Tom Petty in Houston circa 1979. This is before they were huge in any sense of the word. They had just returned from touring with Nils Lofgren & a benefit at Madison Square Garden.

Their first album, simply titled Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, gained minute popularity amongst American audiences, achieving more success in Britain. The single “Breakdown” was re-released in 1977 and peaked at #40 in early 1978 after the band toured in the United Kingdom in support of Nils Lofgren. The debut album was released by Shelter Records, which at that time was distributed by ABC Records.

Their second album, You’re Gonna Get It!, marked the band’s first Top 40 album and featured the singles “I Need to Know” and “Listen To Her Heart”. Their third album, Damn the Torpedoes, quickly went platinum, selling nearly two million copies; it includes their breakthrough singles “Don’t Do Me Like That”, “Here Comes My Girl” and “Refugee.”


American Girl

Anyway You Want It

Anything That’s Rock & Roll


Cry To Me

Don’t Do Me Like That

Even the Losers

Fooled Again

Here Comes My Girl

I Fought the Law

I Need To Know

Listen to Your Heart


Route 66

Shadow of a Doubt


Strangered in the Night

The Wild One Forever

Too Much Ain’t Enough


One thought on “Who Knows Why You Wanna Lay There & Revel In Your Abandon

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