Tom Waits – KPFK – 1974

This isn’t going to be a regular feature on this blog any longer but from time to time it will pop up. Bootleg Thursday this week showcases one of my favorite artists, Tom Waits long before he ever made it big or influential at least. From an interview he did in 1974 at Los Angeles Public Radio Station KPFK, Waits performs 15+ songs & speaks to the host about his music. It is a sound to behold for sure as he speaks of his craft before he reaches the apex of his potential.


Better Off Without a Woman

It’s Not Good To See You

Foggy Night

You’re Working On Your Second Album

The Ghost of Saturday Night

(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night

That’s Such a Fine Song

Semi Suite

Let Me Ask You Something

Drunk on the Moon

I Wonder

Depot Depot

For Those Who May Have Just Joined Us

Diamonds on My Windshield

That’s Great

San Diego Serenade

What Are Your Plans Now


For Those Of You

Fumblin’ With The Blues


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