The Road Back to Home

It might not be quite common knowledge, but for nearly two months I was traveling through Western Europe at a fantastic clip. I started in Ireland, went through Scotland, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland & finally France. It was exhilarating & such an adventure that I am writing a book about my tails as we speak. Some of the things I enjoyed most about the trip was the ability to see different cultures & their music. One of the bands I saw was a band called Crevecouer that completely & irrevocably changed my view about the French & their musical stylings.

They were an instrumental band from France playing in Galway, Ireland & they absolutely blew me away. The problem is they have no website to speak of nor an album that is purchasable anywhere online. You can, however, go to the new fan Page on Facebook, like us & check out the video. It was this band that set the standard that no other band came close to achieving while I was in Europe. It was certainly the journey of a lifetime & hopefully not my last expedition to places unknown to me.

Again, there will be interludes where I may not post for a few days because of my writing of the book or other obligations, but I will do best to bring back Bootleg Thursdays & bring to your attention new & exciting bands that you or may not have heard of. I will give you music so long as you read the posts. I love writing & I love music so combining the two is the most logical thing for me to do & I believe music should be shared as much as possible. Thanks again.

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