I Could Find Another Dream One That Keeps Me Warm & Clean

For this edition of Bootleg Thursday brought to you by the letters DBT as in Drive-By Truckers. If you’re not sure who the Drive-By Truckers are then you are in for quite the treat once you download the ditty (yeah I used ditty, wanna fight about it?) of a concert I have here for you today. One of the things that I really like about DBT is that they have what they call a “three axe attack”, meaning unlike the conventional two guitars bass & drums; they have three guitars, bass & drums. it makes for a fuller more rounded sound & with Patterson Hood’s vocals & lyrics it is unique in it’s affect.

Southern Rock & I have always had a weird relationship & this is no different. While three of the members are from Shoals, Alabama, the band is centered in Athens, Ga. Also, the location of a band that I once had a strong affection towards (R.E.M.). They’re less Allman Bros. & more the Band with a little twang. The concert is fantastic quality & maybe with the sounds of beer bottles clanking together in the background should be considered a show. There is a resonance with this band that gives me the chills & allows me to listen to a song numerous times & discover new things with every listen.

A story from Europe comes to mind about when I was in Galway, Ireland. I was staying in the Salmon Weir Hostel & an Aussie that worked there, Sam wanted some music from me that personified what I thought the South sounded like. He was planning on taking a trip through there since it was the one region he had yet to explore in America. The first band I thought of was DBT. I crack on the South a lot & mostly because the sheer number of idiots per capita is greater there than in any other region (though California & Arizona are quickly working their way up the ladder). I shared the music with him & DBT now have a new fan from a continent that is nearly void of their existence. Sometimes it starts with only one.

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Drive-By Truckers – Live at The Yard On The Strip, Tuscaloosa, AL on 2004-01-09

Lookout Mountain

Where the Devil Don’t Stay

Decoration Day


(Something’s Gotta) Give Pretty Soon

Sounds Better in the Song

Richard Manuel is Dead

Margot & Herald

One of These Days

The Company You Keep


Buford’s Stick

The Boys From Alabama

Marry Me

Zip City

Let There Be Rock

18 Wheels of Love

God Damn Lonely Love

Too Much Sex Too Little Jesus

Women Without Whiskey

Play It All Night Long


2 thoughts on “I Could Find Another Dream One That Keeps Me Warm & Clean

  1. Frank

    Nice one Matty…kudos for posting a show with Jason Isbell, “Outfit” in my opinion one of the best songs ever written about growing up in the South…I was lucky enough to see them a few times between 2001-04. Southern Rock Opera pulled me in and I’ve been hooked ever since.
    I’ve only seen them once since then and maybe it was just an off night, but it didn’t compare to those great shows with Isbell. Many bands would like to boast to one top notch guitarists and songwriter, let alone three. Hood and Cooley are still two of the best out there & I do like the recent album…if you haven’t already, go back and find Patterson Hood’s solo work, very fine stuff.
    On another note, I heard the Phils are going to retire Jonathan Broxton’s number at Citizen’s Bank Park…hey we know what it’s like, we gotta deal with Brad on the Ledge night after night…Peace always

    1. Matty D Post author

      Patterson Hood’s solo work is great. I do like the stuff with the band more, but he is a great writer & singer. As far as Broxton goes, they should drag his fat ass behind the shed & shoot him like old yeller.


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