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Music News 07-08-09

A lot of things going on this week. For some reason Beck is on his game lately doing things that no other artist consider doing, but maybe he’s just smarter than everyone else.

  • Beck started a new section to go along with his Record Club. It’s called Irrelevant Topics & he basically interviews other artists about whatever he feels like talking about. This week it’s Tom Waits & it’s a fascinating read if you’ve got the time.
  • Trent Reznor changed his mind & decided to play more shows in the U.S., but only small venues. Like the Wiltern. Should be awesome.
  • The NY Times reported yesterday that Internet Radio & Record Labels have come to an agreement in regards to royalties. Which, to me, is bullshit. I’m sorry, but radio stations don’t pay anything to artists or labels. They pay maybe a few cents per song  to ASCAP/BMI but this is what Internet/Satellite stations now have to pay.

Many of the streaming music sites had argued that all sites should pay a percentage of revenue rather than a per-song fee. They added that satellite radio stations pay a cut of their revenue, while broadcast stations pay nothing to artists and labels. Under the new agreement, though, almost all Internet radio stations will pay the new, lower fee for each song, because that will be more than 25 percent of revenue.

Hope Sandoval – Blanchard

  • Great new video from Blitzen Trapper. “Black River Killer” – Just as good a song as “Furr” but an even better video.
  • 31 million people watched the Michael Jackson on T.V. yesterday, plus millions more online (myself included) according to the Huffington Post. 28 million watched the American Idol finale & 38 million watched President Obama’s inauguration.