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One For Tomorrow One Just For Today

So today for Bootleg Thursday I thought I’d give you a nice little concert form the Doors on their 1968 Waiting For the Sun Tour. It’s a great concert with great sound & I really think you’ll enjoy it. The best part of this concert is that “Waiting For the Sun” is not even one of the songs played & yet it is titled Waiting for the Sun Tour. That is classic idiocy. Now, I have to go back to writing my book, but would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section here or on my Facebook Page or even on Twitter. Join the Matty D revolution & stop bad music. Talking to you Jason Mraz.

Update: So it’s been brought tom y attention that the reason “Waiting for the Sun” not played is because it wasn’t on the album. It didn’t come out until they recorded Morrison Hotel. I should have know that & I’m certain I’ve heard it before, but I apologize for not doing my research.

The Doors – Waiting For the Sun Tour 1968

Five to One

Mack the Knife/ Alabama Song

Back Door Man

You’re Lost Little Girl

Love Me Two Times

When the Music’s Over

Wild Child


Wake Up

Light My Fire

The End

Unknown Soldier